Yukon Immigration Lawyer – Help For Immigrants

Yukon Immigration Lawyer – Help For Immigrants

December 11, 2019

Due to economic growth, Yukon needs more talents from around the world and immigrants also find this place a prominent destination to work in Canada. But should they apply by themselves or hire a Yukon immigration lawyer to do the work? 

Why hire an immigration lawyer in Yukon?

To immigrate to Yukon, you can choose between programs from the Canadian federal government or the program from the province’s government. There are two main programs in Yukon:

  • Yukon Nominee Program (YNP): for foreign workers with skills
  • Yukon Business nominee program: for foreign entrepreneurs to open and run a business in Yukon.

You can apply by yourself since the requirements and the guidelines are provided publicly on the official websites of the Yukon government. So what is the point of hiring a Yukon immigration lawyer?

First of all, an immigration lawyer is trained through at least 7 years of specialized education and have passed Canada’s legal bar admission exam so they are a qualified expert in the field. Being a member of the Canadian Bar Associations will provide them with resources that help them aware of changes in immigration law. The immigration law is well-known for changeability annually so knowing them in advance would help you plan for your process better. However, the lawyer can only provide a forecast for changes from their sources, the law is still needed an official statement from the government to come to power.

Secondly, the immigration attorney would be a great help if you are aware of how many forms, fees, and deadlines for submitting during the process. Being late for any deadline or preparing the documents wrongly would cause a delay in your application. This is pretty disadvantaged if your chosen program has high competitiveness or is only opened in a limited time. The worst scenario would be a refusal for your application and that bad results may be a hindrance in the future of moving to Canada. The Canada government also agreed that the application prepared by an immigration lawyer is more precise and concise that helps the process more simplified.

Lastly, there is no guarantee that hiring a Yukon immigration lawyer would help you succeed in the progress. Nonetheless, the immigration lawyer would use their knowledge and experience from handle various cases to assist you from the beginning to the end of the process. They will help you identify the most suitable program in case you haven’t decided and planning the future steps until you settle in Yukon. When they act as a representative of you, you will have better communication with the authority and they will surely protect their client’s rights. 

Immigration lawyer or immigration consultant?

If you are wondering what is differ a Yukon immigration lawyer to a licensed consultant then you can use these points to consider.

1. Educational background:

The Canada authority requires an immigration lawyer to have a 4 years college degree altogether with a law degree that would need at least 3 years to complete. Moreover, the immigration attorney must pass Canada’s legal bar admission exam in order to practice law. Therefore, we can conclude that an immigration lawyer will have qualified knowledge from long-time training in the field. 

A licensed immigration consultant must meet a minimum language requirement and graduate from an accredited immigration practitioner program which only needs 1 year of full-time to complete. 

2. Success rate:

The number is one of the most absolute proofs to prove anything. In data about the immigration lawyer, the rejected rate of all applications was 18.9%. For those who prepare their own application, the rate is 19.3%, quite high if you consider the number of more than 300,000 people applying to Canada temporary residency respectively. 18% of applications from people who used an immigration consultant were rejected, slightly lower than the self-prepared ones. In contrast, the applications prepared with help from an immigration lawyer only have 10.4% of getting refusal.

3. Expertise:

With more intense education program that makes the immigration lawyer can perform legal analysis, the client would certainly trust their advice in whether choosing the best program for themselves or represent them to communicate with the government. Not all the application is clean and clear so the lawyer would need to rely on the experience of handling various cases before to identify any risks. Complex cases are those contain risks of being refused from reason like the financial ability to the inadmissibility of the applicant. In many inadmissibilities, the applicant may not be aware of them if doing self-assessment until they receive and explanatory from the IRCC to refuse their application.

4. Cost:

The fee for an immigration lawyer will surely higher than an immigration consultant. However, in comparison, a Yukon immigration lawyer will help you nearly double the success rate in comparison with a licensed consultant. Not to mention the cost of doing additional requests from the IRCC if your application is not prepared professionally. In case your application is refused, the Yukon immigration lawyer would know how to help you file an appeal to the court to protect your rights if there is any misunderstood. 


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