Quebec Immigration – How to immigrate to Quebec

Quebec Immigration – How to immigrate to Quebec

November 14, 2019

Quebec is the second-most populous province of Canada, after Ontario, with French as the sole provincial official language besides English. Quebec becomes an economically influential province within Canada with many different kinds of industries, such as aerospace, information and communication technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. With those industries, Quebec immigration is responsible for selecting economic immigrants and some of the refugees that come to the province.

About Quebec Immigration

The Quebec Immigrant Program (Immigration, Francisation et Integration Quebec) provides two types of immigration: business immigrants and humanitarian immigration. Into business immigrants, there are three more specific programs: investor, entrepreneur and self-employed worker. The maximum numbers of undertaking applications that will be received for each sponsor category are specified in the section Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective sponsorship).

How to immigrate to Quebec?

First of all, you have to decide which program for immigration you will apply to because each program has its requirements. There are six types of Quebec immigration:

  • immigrate to Québec to work (Permanent workers)
  • immigrate to Québec to do business (Business people)
  • stay in Québec to work temporarily (Temporary workers)
  • stay in Québec to study (Foreign students)
  • sponsor a family member abroad (Family reunification)
  • sponsor a refugee (Humanitarian immigration)
1. Permanent Workers

Permanent Workers Program will select the immigrant’s bases on level of education, age, experience, language efficiency, Canadian family relationship,..etc. Moreover, you will need to have a permanent employment offer from the Minister. If you are already residing in Quebec, a Self-Employed or Temporary Worker, you will have some different requirements than usual.

2. Business people 

If immigrating to Quebec and doing business here are what you are looking for, this program will suit you perfectly. In this program, there are three detail stream: Investor, Entrepreneur and Self-Employed. Each program has some slight difference but overall there are 4 steps you need to follow to apply successfully: 

  1. Learning about Québec and the business environment
  2. Seeking out business opportunities
  3. Developing your business project
  4. Applying as a business immigrant
3. Temporary Workers 

An employer in Québec has offered you a job. Your plans to immigrate are taking shape and you would like to obtain the authorizations to reside in Québec. Take note of the steps your employer must take and those that you have to take on your own. In most instances, your employer will take the initial steps. But since they concern you, it is only appropriate that you should know about them.

4. Foreign Students

Canada´s education system is always being highly recommended with affordable tuition fees and living cost including an internationally recognized diploma. One more advantage to study in Quebec is that you have a large range of French and English majors to attend. 

5. Family reunification

The Sponsor : 

You can sponsor a close relative if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Québec, are at least 18 years of age and meet the requirements. The sponsorship covers a close relative and, where applicable, accompanying family members.

The Sponsored :

If you are the one who will be sponsored, you have to be your close relative must belong to the family class and meet specific requirements, such as your mother or father, your dependent child or a child you plan to adopt. When initiating a sponsorship process, the sponsor and the sponsored person must be aware of their responsibilities and obligations toward each other and toward the Government of Québec.

6. Humanitarian immigration

The principle of international solidarity and the objectives of the conventions governing the protection of refugees are fully supported in Quebec. If you are being assisted by the Government of Quebec and recognized as a Convention refugee, a person in the country of Asylum Class or a refugee in need of protection, Quebec will welcome and support you financially in many ways. 

How to prepare for applying?

To succeed in Quebec’s immigration program that you apply, you have to ensure that you are able to meet all the mandatory requirements. Moreover, applying online is the indispensable thing applicants need to do, which may take you two or three hours to complete, free of charge. Due to which program you want to program it will be a few different points you have to be careful with. Last, when your application is successful and you are nominated by the Quebec government, the next step is to apply for permanent residence through the Minister. The Government of Canada will make the final decision on who becomes a permanent resident.



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