Jobs in Quebec – Chance to change your life

Jobs in Quebec – Chance to change your life

November 17, 2019

Quebec is a city where most of the immigrants from all over the world choose to settle in and contributes approximately 20% to the national GDP. That´s why it demands a lot of requirements for all citizens and permanent residents to find a job. However, it does not mean that it is impossible for people, especially immigrants, to get their jobs in Quebec. Here are some tips you should follow to make it easier to enter the job market in Quebec.

Learn about Quebec´s job market 

  • Your diploma should be recognized by the government of Quebec.
  • Language knowledge is an important thing for workers in Quebec, because of the education system here, most people in Quebec already learned both English and French when they were a child. 
  • A self-employed worker receives more support from the government. 
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hire the greatest number of workers.
  • All types of jobs are needed, such as part-time, full-time or temporary work.
  • Equal opportunity is a very important value in Québec.
  • In Québec, hiring and promotion are generally based on skill, accomplishments and individual employee performance. Often, Québec employers also take into account the individual’s capacity to integrate into the work team.
  • Women are very well represented in the Québec job market. As with men, they practice the professions or trades of their choice. They occupy a variety of occupations and participate at every level of the business hierarchy.
  • In Québec, young people can be considered skilled even if they have little experience. Consequently, young people sometimes supervise others with greater experience.

Find job prospects in your area of professions

Sit down and take time to identify your skills clearly, especially those might be useful for your job or future company. Québec employers often hire based on skills, rather than diplomas. You should show the employers your area of knowledge and your work experience. The more specific you can go in, the more chances you will have.

Find out if your trade or profession is regulated in Quebec

Québec, the practice of some trades and professions is regulated. For example, the engineering and nursing professions are governed by professional orders. Other trades and professions are also subject to regulatory requirements concerning their admission or practice. This preparation will speed up your integration into the job market.

Consider the connection between the region where you live and the job prospects

Besides from Montréal, Québec offers 16 regions to settle, with good job prospects in various sectors of activity. Take the time to find out about them before choosing where you want to settle.

Reduce difficulties of finding a work

It might happen a few difficulties for immigrants when they want to join the job market in Quebec. So here are some tips you might find helpful for your preparation:

  • Start to learn French and perfect your English
  • Create a network of personal and professional contacts
  • Learn interview techniques and how to write a typical Québec curriculum vitae that highlights your potential, experience, and training
  • Find out about the job opportunities in your field of expertise and the various regions of Québec
  • Be prepared to occupy a job other than the one you were seeking or one involving less responsibility, while you acquire Québec experience or obtain training

Prepare your file and consult job offers even when you still not arrive in Quebec 

  • Networking is the best strategy for finding hidden jobs. Keep in mind that close to 80% of jobs are not listed in newspapers or on the Internet. 
  •  Don’t wait until you arrive in Québec to share your profile with potential employers.

Several websites post interesting job offers. For example

You should prepare your employment file including CV and some certified copies of your diplomas or certificate of your skills.

Create your own job 

You have some capital and want to own your company, why don´t you start to make it come true. To build a company in Quebec you must have a wide range of knowledge about Quebec´s job market and a business plan based on extensive 

High demand jobs in Quebec

Below will be the list of top 10 jobs according to Quebec Occupation 2019. It will show you which jobs are high demand in Quebec at the moment.

  1. Legislator 
  2. Senior Government Managers and Officials 
  3. Senior Managers – financial, communications and other business services 
  4. Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations 
  5. Senior managers- trade, broadcasting, and other services, n.e.c. 
  6. Senior managers – construction, transportation, production, and utilities 
  7. Financial managers 
  8. Human resources managers 
  9. Purchasing managers 
  10. Other administrative services managers 

How to immigrate to Quebec?

If you believe that your career will be enhanced in Quebec, you need to find out how to immigrate to this province in order to satisfy all Quebec’s requirements.



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