CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate for Quebec Immigration 

CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate for Quebec Immigration 

November 23, 2019

To anyone who wants to become a permanent residence in Quebec, the first thing to do is getting a Certificat de sélection du Québec or CSQ – Québec selection certificate from the Quebec government. So let’s find out what exactly is a CSQ and how you can obtain one. 

About the Quebec selection certificate

In Canada, Quebec is the only province can choose its own immigrants due to an agreement with the federal government. The province can follow its own standards and processes to choose candidates that can successfully settle in Québec. The selected candidates by the Québec government would receive a Québec selection certificate issued by the Ministère de l’immigration, de la diversité et de l’inclusion (Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion, or MIDI).

With a CSQ, the candidate can submit a permanent residence application to the Canadian federal government. However, don’t misunderstand that you can use the CSQ as a PR visa or a permit for you to immigrate to Canada. The final decision of your permanent residency is made by the IRCC. If the health of you (and any family member whether they accompanying your application or not) raise a concern about public safety along with a result of an excessive burden to the social services in Canada., the IRCC would reject your permanent residence application. 

Get a CSQ – Quebec selection certificate

To become a permanent resident, having a CSQ would be the first step. You can apply to have a Québec selection certificate through these 5 visas program. Let’s find out which program is for you.

1. Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Québec experience program)
  • PEQ – Québec graduate: Applies to international students who have got an eligible Québec diploma and be an advanced intermediate French user.  
  • PEQ – Skilled temporary foreign worker: For current foreign employees in Québec. In addition, you must have held a job in the province for at least 12 of the last 24 months and have advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French. The job experience acquired under a youth exchange program can be taken into account.
2. Québec regular selection program for skilled workers
  • Foreign students: The regular program applies to you if you are pursuing or have successfully completed a study program in Québec.
  • Temporary foreign skilled workers: To be eligible, you must have been legally admitted to Québec as a temporary worker for at least 1 year in one or more consecutive periods. 
  • Youth exchange program: If you were legally admitted to Québec as a participant in a youth exchange program (for example, through a Working Holiday, Young Professionals or International Co-op Internship permit) for one period or consecutive periods totalling at least one year and you occupied a full-time job at the time of submission of your application for a CSQ.
3. Québec programs for business people: 

The Québec government will review your application in different requirements for each category. The eligible applicant might be called for a selection interview afterward.

4. For the investor

You will be assessed thoroughly about your settle intention, management experience, investment agreement, net asset and lawful sources of them. A notice of intent investment will be sent to allow you to make your $1,2 million CAD investment within 110 days. Afterward, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration will issue your Certificat de sélection du Québec by mail.

5. For the entrepreneur and Self-employed worker

The MIDI of Québec will assess you and then if you are qualified, they will issue your CSQ by mail. The criteria will be used in the assessment are:

  • Level of education
  • Language skills
  • Resident times in Québec
  • The presence of family members in Québec
  • Financial self-sufficiency
  • Net assets and proof of their source and lawful acquisition
  • For Entrepreneur: Proof of deposits, your business plan and if applicable, your offer of services
  • For Self-employed worker: Professional experience as a self-employed worker in the field you chose to work in Québec 

During the process

Besides the information about the requirements, you should know about the intake periods of each program from the MIDI website as well. In many cases, the selection interview would be unnecessary if the applicant has attained the general passing scores and they would issue you a CSQ as well as the information of the next step. 

For a candidate that needs to be interviewed, the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion will send an interview notice which will specify the date, time and place plus the documents to bring along. After the interview, if qualified, the counselor will issue you a Québec Selection Certificate immediately or mail it to you. For the applications that might be refused due to lack of proof, the Québec government will send you an informing letter in advance and give you a 90-days period to submit proof to justify reviewing the decision.

If you can not submit the additional documents within 90 days or fail the interview, an explanatory will be sent and then you can have submitted a request for an administrative review.    

After obtaining a CSQ – Québec selection certificate

The next step would be applying for permanent residency to the Canadian federal government. The IRCC will check your criminal and medical backgrounds from the information on your police clearance certificate and medical examination result. You would need to submit supplementary documentation and doing an interview if the IRCC request.  

During the waiting time, if your temporary work permit is going to expire soon, you must obtain a new Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Québec certificate of acceptance) for work, unless you are exempt, as well as a new temporary work permit. Skilled workers who reside in Québec and have a CSQ would only need to get a temporary work permit renewal. Their employers, therefore, are exempt from requesting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). To be granted this exemption, your work permit application must have a copy of the Québec Selection Certificate and the job offer to work in Québec.

The following groups of CSQ holders would not need an LMIA when applying for a work permit:

  • Foreign workers who wish to extend their work permit for the current job or renew it for a job offered by another Québec employer;
  • Participants in an International Experience Canada program (Working Holiday, Young Professionals, International Co-op) who wish to extend their work permit for the ongoing job they hold or renew for a job offered by another Québec employer
  • Foreign students who obtain a post-graduation work permit and hold a job offer from a Québec employer.

Spouses or de facto spouses who accompany the principal applicant can also obtain an open work permit that will allow them to hold a job


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