Prince Edward Island Immigration Lawyer – Support from an expert

Prince Edward Island Immigration Lawyer – Support from an expert

December 11, 2019

Before moving to Prince Edward Island, seeking assistance from a Prince Edward Island immigration lawyer would have more advantages than you think. Let’s find out what they are.

Can I apply without hiring an immigration lawyer in Prince Edward Island?

There are no rules that require you to hire a Prince Edward Island immigration lawyer to be eligible for any program. The requirements for the programs are publicly present on the government websites so if your ability matches it all then go ahead and make your way to Prince Edward Island. However, a well-known fact that you would feel overwhelmed at first when researching the information about immigration programs. There will be federal programs and the provincial nominee program from Prince Edward Island government for foreigners with great skills who come to work in the province. You can take a look at available categories in Prince Edward Island

As you can see, you have various options to immigrate to Canada, specifically Prince Edward Island. It is important to know that besides eligibility for each visa stream, the requirements for each step during the process are also changeable annually. Forms, fees, and deadlines must be followed strictly during the process to meet the government criteria. With assistance from a Prince Edward Island immigration lawyer, you can find helpful advice and forecast for your success rate also the upcoming changes in the programs.

If having an application for Canada immigration is easy, there would be no job for the immigration attorney at all. In contrast, in Canada, there are approximately more than 1,000 immigration lawyers that are always ready to support you. The Canada government also acknowledges the fact that having an immigration lawyer will help you protect your rights and prepare the application betters. A study shows that applicants with an immigration lawyer will have almost double the success rate in comparison to those who applying by themselves or hiring an immigration consultant. 

Fees for an immigration lawyer in Prince Edward Island?

Besides the experience in handling cases and their authority to perform legal services, you should discuss the fee directly when you first meet a Prince Edward Island immigration lawyer. The fee of each lawyer would be different based on factors like their reputation (years of experience, success rate or the number of accomplished cases), the kind of visa (the streams and the programs) and the additional services (appealing for a refusal, accompanying you in a court or extending the service). The more complex your case is, the more costly it will be. Some lawyer would state publicly about the range for fees on the website so you can refer to them. Many would provide a free assessment of your application first to identify your success rate before deciding whether to take on your case or otherwise.

In accordance with the Professional Order, your fee must be held separately in a trust account monitored by the Professional Order. This helps protect your rights and make sure that the lawyer must follow ethical standards and code of conduct. You should be cautious about any payment to a company account. You can ask them a few questions from the list below to clarify the fee:

  • Can I have an estimate of how much you’ll charge to handle my case?
  • Could this estimate change?
  • Will you let me know if something happens that will increase the fee?
  • What am I paying for?
  • What are the fixed costs and what else could be charged in addition?
  • How will I be charged for things like photocopying and long-distance calls?
  • How and when will I be billed?
  • Can I get a refund if my application is refused?
  • Will I be charged additional cost if the application is refused and I want to appeal?


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