Life in Prince Edward Island – The New Destination

Life in Prince Edward Island – The New Destination

November 23, 2019

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a small province which is located in the East of Canada. According to the data from the Government of Canada, the population of Prince Edward Island in 2019 was about 155,000, the second-lowest population of Canada. The capital of Prince Edward Island is Charlottetown. Though Prince Edward Island is a small province with not many residents, life in Prince Edward Island is still interesting in its own way. 

Cost of living

Due to the size of the population of Prince Edward Island, the cost when having a life in Prince Edward Island is quite affordable. The current minimum wage per hour is $12.25, higher than the average of Canada, and it will rise to $12.85 in 2020. Besides, the cost of living here is 1% less than the national average.

Economy and employment

Agriculture is the primary industry in Prince Edward Island. This place is most famous for potatoes, in fact, it is Canada’s largest potato producer. Besides potatoes, other plants and animals are also grown and fed in Prince Edward Island such as vegetables, grains, oilseeds, cows, bulls, hogs,…

Because of the rich history and culture, and world-class food, tourism in Prince Edward Island is developed and accounts for a significant proportion of the economy. The industry provides 15,000 to 17,000 full-time, part-time, seasonal, and year-round jobs, which is equivalent to 7,900 full-time year-round jobs in many sectors such as accommodations, food & beverage, travel services or transportation.

Over the last decade, this province tremendously focuses on innovation, like aerospace, bioscience, IT and communication. Regarding IT, it concentrates on media and e-health, which are the two most fastest-growing industries in the world.


Prince Edward Island has a mild climate affected by the warm waters from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It has four seasons, including spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter.

The winter in Prince Edward Island is a little bit harsh. Temperatures range between -3 to -11 degrees Celsius (26 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit), but cold winds can make it feel more like it is -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit). Besides, during the winter months, the island usually has many storms (which may produce rain as well as snow) and blizzards.

The remaining seasons are much more comfortable, especially summer. During summertime, temperatures range between 20 and 34 degrees Celsius (70 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit). It is definitely the season of perfect beach weather, so you can lie on the beaches and enjoy your days.


Prince Edward Island students receive largely supported by the Government from the kindergartens until they complete their high school diplomas. When they go to the undergraduate programs, they can choose the school from several universities and colleges in Prince Edward Island such as the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College, Collège de l’Île and Maritime Christian College. The University of Prince Edward Island, which is located at Charlottetown, is the most popular and the best in this area. The university has good funds for scholarships and research, and it concentrates on the environment, health, community, and culture.


If you want to visit some attractions in this province, you can go to the Confederation Bridge. This bridge, which links Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick (Canada), is the Canda’s longest bridge and the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water. You still have many other options, like you can visit Prince Edward Island National Park or Green Gables Heritage Place, the background of one of the most famous literature in the world, Anne of Green Gables. 

The tourism in Prince Edward Island depends heavily on nature, so every time you step on the street, you can find a beautiful landscape that makes you breathtaking and enjoy a variety of leisure activities, including beaches, various golf courses, eco-tourism adventures, touring the countryside, or simply enjoying cultural events in local communities around the island.


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