Nova Scotia Immigration Lawyer – Support For Immigration

Nova Scotia Immigration Lawyer – Support For Immigration

December 11, 2019

Many immigrants who plan to settle in Nova Scotia would consider whether to spend considerable money to hire a Nova Scotia immigration lawyer. This article will help you to make your own decision.

How to choose a suitable Nova Scotia immigration lawyer?

It would be tough for applicants when approaching a huge load of information regarding immigration programs for the first time. The government of Nova Scotia invites people with skills, experience, and hard-working attitudes to immigrate to the province. Besides federal immigration programs, you can apply via the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program – NSNP if eligible for one of these visa streams

The Nova Scotia immigration lawyer is hired to help you with your very first step: identify the best visa stream for you. They would use their qualified knowledge, expertise from many years of preparing many cases to assess your eligibility. Afterward, if you need them, they will personally prepare your application and submit it. Having a professional representative like a Nova Scotia immigration lawyer would help you communicate better with the government through the process and protect your rights. 

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing an immigration attorney in Nova Scotia:

  • Authority: The IRCC requires your immigration lawyer in Nova Scotia must be a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society so you can use the website from the society to look for a lawyer. If you using an unauthorized lawyer, the IRCC will refuse your application. 
  • References: Check the review from previous clients of the lawyer, who has personally experienced the services would provide the most practical feedbacks
  • Experience: Some lawyers will only be expertise in a specific type of visa. The immigration regulations in Canada would continuously change and there will be a possibility that your case is more complex so you need an experienced lawyer to handle these situations professionally.
  • Contract: The IRCC requires between you and the lawyer to have a written contract and you must read it carefully before signing. The contract must list all the services the lawyer will provide in the entire process and the fee as discussed by both parties.

The Better Business Bureau would be a great source of information if you need to check whether your immigration lawyer has been complaints before. 

Fees for an immigration lawyer in Nova Scotia?

Discuss the fee directly when you first meet the lawyer would help you aware of what you will invest in for using the service. The fee for a Nova Scotia immigration lawyer would vary from various factors like their reputation (years of experience, success rate or number of cases), the kind of visa (the streams and the programs) and the additional services (appealing for a refusal, accompanying you in a court or extending the service). The more complex your case is, the more costly it will be. Some lawyer would state publicly about the range for fees on the website so you can refer to them. Many would provide a free assessment of your application first to identify your success rate before deciding whether to take on your case or otherwise.

Above all with lawyers’ fees, the best and safest way is to get a written estimate and fee agreement. In accordance with the Professional Order, your fee must be held separately in a trust account monitored by the Professional Order. This helps protect your rights and make sure that the lawyer must follow ethical standards and code of conduct. You should be cautious about any payment to a company account.


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