Nova Scotia Express Entry – Pathway for Skilled workers

Nova Scotia Express Entry – Pathway for Skilled workers

December 15, 2019

Rumor has it that you can immigrate to Nova Scotia through Nova Scotia Express Entry streams which were designed to simplify the process for skilled workers around the world. Let’s find out about this wonderful opportunity!

What is the Nova Scotia Express Entry?

The streams, which are a part of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), aligns with the federal Express Entry System of the IRCC to nominate the most appropriate candidate with genuine intentions for living in Nova Scotia. Like many provinces, Nova Scotia also has its economic strategy that immigrants are an important force to be reckoned with. Therefore, besides Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, Labour Market Priorities for Physicians, Physician, Skilled Worker and Occupations in Demand, the province has prepared more effective ways for foreigners to choose in the Nova Scotia Express Entry streams :

The requirements and process of these streams will be based on the federal Express Entry program but get tailored to fit with Nova Scotia’s demand. But what exactly does that mean?

Nova Scotia Express Entry requirements

Even though both streams are in the Express Entry program of one province, there will be differences between them that applicants must know. Be aware that as a part of the NSNP, the criteria and number of nominations will be upon the labor market in Nova Scotia and would be changed without warning. Below is a summary of the basic eligibility for each stream

1. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

The minimum requirements of the stream are:

  • A profile registered in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry system
  • Be financially capable to settle in Nova Scotia
  • Have a Canadian high school credential or equivalent
  • Fluent in English or French at the minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark 7
  • At least 1 year of paid work experience related to the job in the last 6 years with a job classified as NOC skill type 0, A or B
  • Score at least 67 points on the stream’s six selection factors.

This stream focuses on highly skilled workers that are needed in the market so it would be divided into 2 categories:

Category A: Arranged Employment in Nova Scotia

Have a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer for full-time skilled work that lasts at least one year after your permanent resident visa is issued. For a job offer to be valid in Express Entry and receive points, employers will usually need an LMIA from ESDC, excepts for some cases.

Category B: Paid Work Experience in an Opportunity Occupation

You must have at least 1 year of continuous full-time (or from 1,560 hours) in one of the target occupations as identified in the Opportunity Occupation list of Nova Scotia

2. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Like the name, this stream dedicates to foreigners who have already spent time working in Nova Scotia.

The first requirement is that you must meet all the IRCC criteria for the Express Entry pool. In other words, you should be eligible for one of three streams in the federal Express Entry programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class. Make sure all your supporting documents are valid at the time you submit and register a profile in the IRCC’s Express Entry system.

  • Besides this, other requirements from the Nova Scotia government are:
  • Candidate’s ages are within 21 to 55 years old.
  • Have at least 1 year of paid work experience in Nova Scotia.
  • Have a Canadian high school credential or equivalent
  • Fluent in English or French at the minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark 7

How to apply for Nova Scotia Express Entry

Applicants in the Nova Scotia Express Entry streams can have family members to accompany as secondary applicants. The Nova Scotia government won’t charge you any fee for the application, however, you would need to pay other fees required by the IRCC and cost for preparing the necessary documents.

You would need to follow the instructions from the Nova Scotia’s guideline strictly, otherwise, your application won’t be assessed. Let’s take a brief look at the process.

The first step would be to create an Express Entry Profile on the IRCC portal for Express Entry System. Your Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code are necessary for your application when applying for the NSNP.

The second step is to prepare and submit your NSNP application. Notes that for the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream, you can only submit your application online. For the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry stream, submit online or via mail are both optional. There will be specific for the supporting documents that you must attach with your application before submitting too. A checklist is recommended to be used during the preparation to make sure you won’t miss anything.

After your application, the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) will assess your application and make a decision. You will receive your result in writing via email of yours or your representative. An interview with the NSOI might be conducted but if it is then they will send you a notification in advance.

In the most positive case that all your effort get paid up, you will be nominated in the Express Entry System. The IRCC will issue an invitation for you to apply for permanent residency. Worth-noting that a nomination from the province won’t guarantee that you will receive a permanent resident visa in Canada since that decision is in the hand of IRCC. If you are granted permanent residence, you must contact the NSOI within 30 days prior to your arrival in Nova Scotia.

You certainly are encouraged to be proactive and do the process by yourself. However, if you find it difficult to do so or don’t understand well about the requirements or your possibility, it would be best to hire an immigration lawyer or consultant to assist you. Good understanding and great preparation would help you to achieve your goal with Nova Scotia Express Entry streams.


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