Jobs in Northwest Territories – Land of Potential Opportunities

Jobs in Northwest Territories – Land of Potential Opportunities

November 26, 2019

To boost and help build a vibrant economy, the Northwest Territories government will create up to 36,700 jobs in the next 15 years. Many of these jobs will be taken up by immigrants. According to information from the NWT government, 785 of these positions will require at least a post-secondary education and/or extensive work experience and seniority. The information and resources listed below can help you learn about qualifications for jobs in the Northwest Territories, and help you find a one.

Facts about work in Northwest Territories

  • Northwest Territories is searching for educated people who can contribute to the thriving economy of its.
  • The video game industry is booming. It is estimated that there are 16 500 people employed in this industry already and this number will grow by 25% in the next 2 years.
  • PayDay works slightly differently. Employees receive their paycheck twice a month, usually at the beginning and middle of the month.
  • Lunch breaks are short. Most company policies stipulate that lunch breaks are only 30 minutes long, compared to other countries where it is 1 hour, so employees eat their lunch in front of the computer while they continue to work. 
  • Get lost in translation. Northwest Territories is a bi-lingual territory, with English and French being their main languages. Many companies work with clients and employees who speak both or only one of these languages, so you may find it beneficial to brush up on your language skills

The economy in Northwest Territories

In terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the top industries are mining, trapping, and services. Precious reserves of gold, diamonds, natural gas, and oil drive the economy of the Northwest Territories. 

The vast natural resources and relatively low population give Northwest Territories the highest per capita GDP of all provinces or territories in Canada. Its per capita GDP of C$100,731 would be among the highest in the world if the Northwest Territories were considered its own country. The capital city, Yellowknife, located on the shores of Great Slave Lake, is also a major industrial hub for workers in the region and a scenic town with abundant recreational opportunities. 

Career Development Resources

The job market here may be quite different from the ones in countries where you have previously worked. To secure jobs in Northwest Territories, it is important to understand what is expected of you from employers — from your CV/resume and cover letter to your interview skills and work attitude. 

  • Submitting a CV

A well-polished resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) is an important asset for all immigrants seeking jobs in Northwest Territories. It specifies to an employer your relevant work experience and qualifications. CVs usually organize your information under headings that call attention to your credentials.

  • Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letters are your opportunity to demonstrate why employers should consider your qualifications and how they will benefit from hiring you. It tailors your application for a specific position and industry. Additionally, cover letters are an excellent example to demonstrate to an employer your communication and writing skills. 

  • Interviewing

The candidate who performs the best in the interviewing process will often be hired, thus it is important to prepare well. If you have to cancel or reschedule, provide a reason and inform your employer as quickly as possible. If you have to decline an interview, be sure to tell the employer and thank them for taking the time.

General jobs listing websites

There are many job listing sites in Northwest Territories, however, finding a reputable and effective service is often more difficult. This is a list of the most trusted job sites.

Benefits of working in Northwest Territories

During the most recent Employee Satisfaction Survey, 89.7% of employees either agreed or strongly agreed that they have positive working relationships with their co-workers. Their workforce is very diverse and ranges in age from eighteen-year-old summer students to experienced employees over 65. 

The Northwest Territories also offers competitive compensation packages with excellent salaries, supportive health, and dental benefits, annual leave starting at 16.5 days per year, a defined pension plan, as well as maternity and parental benefits.



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