Mississauga Immigration – A Populous City In A Popular Province

Mississauga Immigration – A Populous City In A Popular Province

November 26, 2019

Mississauga is a city that lies in the south of Ontario. Until 2017, there were about 828,000 residents, making it becomes one of the most populous cities in both Ontario and the whole country. Mississauga is also a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – the most populous metropolitan area in Canada; therefore, a large number of people are interested in the Mississauga Immigration.

Why should you immigrate to Mississauga?

1. Quality of life

Bringing the high quality of life to the residents is always the priority of the City Government. At the moment, the authorities are planning the project of Smart City. The aim of the project is to apply modern technology to real life, and everyone who lives in the area can contribute their ideas or think to the plan.

Mississauga is famous for its safety. It is recognized as the safest city in Canada for 8 years in a row.  Furthermore, to help improve the health of the inhabitants, it has a lot of facilities in different kinds of sport, so you can easily choose which one you like and practice it.

2. Weather

The weather in Mississauga is considered to be moderated, specifically, it has a humid continental climate. In summers, the temperature is high and sometimes accompanied by high humidity levels. Besides, winters can be cold with temperatures that are frequently below freezing. The average temperature is −6 °C (21.2 °F), but it usually decreases to −6 °C (21.2 °F).

3. Economy and employment

Mississauga is the place for businesses and entrepreneurs. Over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies base their global or Canadian head offices in Mississauga. Its economy has strengths in pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, electronics and computers, aerospace, transportation parts, and equipment industries. Regarding aerospace, the city is also an aircraft development hub with the Canadian headquarters of some large Aerospace companies.

4. Education

Mississauga students receive largely supported by the Government from the kindergartens until they complete their high school diplomas. There are no featured colleges or universities in Mississauga; however, large universities have a campus here, so students can choose these destinations. Some universities have campuses in Mississauga are University of Toronto – Mississauga, Lambton College Mississauga and Sheridan College.

How to immigrate to Mississauga?

As a part of Ontario, the Mississauga Immigration process is the same as the provincial immigration program named the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (ONIP).

There are eight main streams of the ONIP, including:

1. Express Entry pool – aligned with the Federal Express Entry, including three sub-categories:

2. The Graduate Stream – for those who have a higher education degree in an Ontario university. There are two sub-categories:

3. The Employer Job Offer Stream – for those who receive a job offer from an employer in Ontario. The stream consists of:

4. The Business Stream – for those who invest or set up, and actively manage a business in Ontario. 

Each stream has its own requirements. You can see the details of each stream and how to apply it to the stream here.

Get help with Mississauga immigration information

If you have any questions or need assistance in preparing information for immigrating to Canada, please do not hesitate to contact us through Immilist to get help. Our website provides an amount of information related to immigration to Canada, including Mississauga, which can help you understand clearly about the program you apply.



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