Ontario Immigration Lawyer – A Good Investment?

Ontario Immigration Lawyer – A Good Investment?

December 1, 2019

Ontario is Canada’s most popular landing destination for immigrants from around the world and Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program is called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Taking a decision to apply for Canadian permanent residency, especially Ontario immigration, is a life-changing step made to improve the standard of living of an applicant and family members. Although the government encourages candidates to apply without a lawyer, in reality, a good Ontario immigration lawyer protects an applicant’s rights. The government acknowledges this: “When lawyers and consultants present their clients’ cases clearly and concisely, the processing is expedited and simplified.”

Why do I need an Ontario immigration attorney?

If you already read the blog “Ontario Immigration – How to immigrate to Ontario”, you will know that Ontario has three main programs for the immigrants and in each program, there is a wide range of different streams for you to choose. Consider that you don’t know which program or stream will suit your situation the best, paper works always drive you crazy or you just need to get the Canadian permanent residency as fast as possible. Then the only solution to solve your problems is to have an Ontario immigration lawyer. A good one will be not only your supporter but also the best advisor for you. 

What factors should I consider to have a suitable Ontario immigration lawyer? 

  • References

This is the most reliable factor. Clients who have had a good experience will refer to friends and relatives. A good Ontario immigration lawyer should be able to put forwarded satisfied clients as references.

  • Specialization

Ontario immigration policy undergoes continuous change. A specialist, generally defined as having more than 10 years of full-time experience, is more likely to be abreast of those changes.

  • Experience

Some lawyers are vastly experienced. This does not automatically translate to expertise, but it is an important factor.

  • Contract

You should receive a detailed written contract from your Ontario immigration lawyer.

  • Funds “in trust” 

Applicants should make fees payable to the immigration lawyer or law firm “in trust”. This is a condition demanded by Professional Orders. Client fees are held in a separate trust account monitored by the Professional Order. This provides a good indication of the lawyer in question adheres to current rules. Applicants should be cautious about making any payment to a corporate entity, regardless of the recipient.

  • Initial assessments

A lawyer should thoroughly outline the entire application process, in writing. The best-known practices will do so at no charge.

  • Advertising

Some lawyers can be found through advertising. However, potential clients should not use advertising alone in selecting an Ontario immigration lawyer.

  • Internet

Lawyers will normally have websites to promote their services. Prominent lawyers may also have an established social media network.  Look for Ontario immigration lawyers who write regular content on sites with in-depth information and analysis. Steer clear of law firms with sites containing a small number of outdated pages and minimal information copied from the government. A lawyer’s expertise should come across on their site content. You may also find free assessments that offer an initial insight into your chances of success.

  • Publications

Accomplished and experienced immigration lawyers, especially Ontario immigration attorneys, will regularly write articles appearing in industry publications. It is a good idea to request samples of the lawyer’s published articles.

  • Canadian Bar Association

Most lawyers in Canada are members of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). The CBA has an immigration section with representatives in each province. More accomplished lawyers serve as executive members of the CBA and participate in the exchange of ideas with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This can indicate a lawyer has an up-to-date knowledge of the field.

  • Professional Order

All lawyers must be registered with a Professional Order in their province.

  • Direct communication

Simply speaking with any Ontario immigration lawyer will indicate professionalism. You get an immediate indication of the level of service, commitment, and insight. Ask the lawyer to assess the process at hand. They should have no problem doing this.

List of popular Ontario immigration lawyer

Please only take this list only as a recommendation from us to help you to find out your best suitable Ontario immigration lawyer.

  1.    Negar Achtari from Achtari Law PC
  2.    Matthew M. Granic from Matthew M. Granic, Barrister & Solicitor
  3.    Juliet Montes from Frederick Law & Company
  4.    Jason Zhong from Keystone Law Offices
  5.    Alexandre Martel from Martel Law Office
  6.    Ali K. Manavi from Manavi Law Office
  7.    Diana Vasilescu from DV Law
  8.    Harry S. Mann from Mann Law Barristers & Solicitors
  9.    Deepa Tailor from Tailor Law Professional Corporation
  10.    Christopher Henry Kozlowski from Kozlowski and Company


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