Do You Need To Hire A Quebec Immigration Lawyer?

Do You Need To Hire A Quebec Immigration Lawyer?

November 28, 2019

Quebec Immigration system is not a Provincial Nominee Program, that’s why the provincial government of Quebec has greater control than other provincial governments with regards to what immigrants will be permitted to immigrate to their province. Quebec has the authority to establish its immigration laws and regulations for all immigration categories, which has its differences from those programs at the federal level. At this point, we can see the necessity of a Quebec immigration lawyer. 

Quebec Immigration

As I have mentioned, Quebec has its own rules for immigration, doesn’t like most other provinces. Moreover, there is a variety of programs to immigrate to Quebec: Skilled Workers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Self-Employed Workers. Each program has its criteria and more many streams, so base on these criteria you will find out which program suits you the best. 

Furthermore, the immigrating process in Quebec has two steps:

  1. Applying all your documents to the government of Quebec with the program you are following to immigrate to Quebec and waiting to receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC).
  2. Applying for an interview with the Federal Government for a final review on admissibility and the issuance of a Canadian permanent resident visa. The QSC is to be submitted with their application for permanent residency.

Why do I need a Quebec immigration lawyer?

According to the process and details about Quebec Immigration, we can see that without a lawyer you can apply for immigration. But the risks you might take for misunderstanding anything in this process will force you to refusal from the government. I will show you some advantages to have a Quebec Immigration lawyer:

  • Help you to understand the immigrating system in Quebec, especially the immigration programs and streams.
  • Understand your circumstances and give you the best advice
  • Without a lawyer may cost you more
  • Suggest a solution to your problems 

How to choose a good/ suitable immigration lawyer?

Finding a good attorney may be the most important step you can take toward immigrating to Quebec. You will need to take your time with the search. Focus your efforts on finding a lawyer that has dealt with your specific legal issue in the past and that you get along with personally. Taking the time to find the right lawyer will be worth it, as they are more likely to help you win your case. Here come some tips to choose the best suitable immigration lawyer:

  • Finding potential attorneys through your relatives, acquaintances or online, based on their experiences, reputation or feedback from their old customers.
  • Choosing some attorneys you find the most potential and contact them.
  • Preparing some basic questions according to your cases, such as pricing, availability or success.
  • Considering who give you the most comfortable feel and choose them.

List of immigration lawyers in Quebec

Our goal is immigrating in Quebec, so here are some popular immigration lawyers with their profession in Quebec immigration: 

  1.   Elsa Agostinho from BCF 
  2.   David Chalk from Chalk Immigration
  3.   Julie Lessard from BCF
  4.   Stephanie Lipstein from KPMG Law LLP
  5.   Gilda Villaran Ad.E. from Fasken
  6.   Rusmir Rasic from Laurendeau Rasic S.E.N.C
  7.   Moe F. Liebman from Liebman Legal Inc.
  8.   Gabrielle Azran from Azran & Associe Avocats Inc.
  9.   Adam Eidelmann from Eidelmann Law Firm

Hiring an immigration lawyer is a smart decision for a life-changing event like immigrating to a new country. It can make the difference between the disappointment of a refusal or the joy of acceptance. A competent immigration lawyer can save you delays, headaches, and money over the long-term. Immigration can be very complex, and it is advisable to retain a lawyer to take you through the process most effectively and efficiently.



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