Canada Immigration lawyer – A Reliable Third-party

Canada Immigration lawyer – A Reliable Third-party

November 26, 2019

The Canadian authorities do not require to have a lawyer representing you for the purpose of applying for a visa or deal with settlement officials, however, it is usually advised to use a lawyer, and it is strongly recommended in some cases. The reason for that is the responsibility of Canada immigration lawyer is to help their clients successfully reach their objectives.

What can the Canada immigration lawyer help?

Immigration is a constantly changing and dynamic area of law. Immigration lawyers strive to keep up-to-date with new developments and new laws. Clients require lawyers to help them navigate complicated legislation and the necessary steps to deal with business or personal settlement matters.

These lawyers determine why foreign citizens can not be accepted to immigrate to Canada and advise on legal options for resolving such obstacles, if necessary (e.g. criminal inadmissibility issues). Immigration lawyers help clients with the necessary government paperwork and advise on strategies to help clients ‘ staff retain legal status in Canada who need skilled workers to resolve labor shortages in Canada.

Immigration lawyers also work with individuals to help them understand the steps required for a loved one to sponsor, whether they are eligible for permanent residence in Canada (a field of law which often changes) and to determine whether a person may enter Canada by examining settlement officers, along with various other settlement and transboundary affairs. Moreover, they can advise clients when assessing eligibility for permanent residency, work permits, permits to study and family reunification.

With the experienced immigration lawyers, they usually established relationships with the relevant government departments, such as Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, Service Canada, Provincial Departments, and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Why should you hire a lawyer to immigrate to Canada?

1. Strategic advice

If you are going to spend any money on legal assistance for an immigration case, it should be at the very beginning – before you chose the wrong way. A simple one-hour consultation could have saved you time or many thousands of dollars in expense to begin the process again. That’s why the most valuable service from them can offer is as a strategic adviser. A good immigration attorney should be able to help you understand what roads you’re allowed to walk down. Sometimes there’s more than one possible road, and the attorney can tell you the pluses and minuses associated with the different options.

2. Trusted counselor

It’s also important to understand the fiduciary duty that attorneys have to their clients. Lawyers have an ethical duty to serve the interests of their clients. This goes far beyond the fact that any business tries to please its customers. The fiduciary duty means that lawyers put their clients’ interests ahead of the lawyer’s own interests. Furthermore, there are many lawyers spend long days away from their families with the only purpose which is to ensure that their clients get the best care possible.

3. Save you time and stress

All of the people have the ability to figure out a particular settlement path successfully by themselves. However, some of them still hire a Canada immigration lawyer because they don’t want to have to find it all out about the complicated matters, which may waste a lot of time. For some that may be the best option, especially if resources are tight. But busy, successful people have limited time resources. They hire lawyers because they have other things they would rather do with their scarce nights and weekends.

Even with the best legal assistance, the authorities can issue Requests for Evidence, causing a delay. But a good immigration attorney maximizes your chances of getting through the process with no or little unnecessary delay.

Differences between an immigration lawyer and consultant

Here are the two main differences between the lawyer and consultant profession:

  • Services: When it comes to practicing immigration law, lawyers and consultants can offer most of the same services. Lawyers, however, can represent a client in federal court for complicated cases, whereas a consultant can only go up to the appeal tribunal level when there is an issue with an application.
  • Education: Lawyers graduate from law school, having studied various areas of law over a three year period, plus articling with a firm and writing the bar exam. They typically specialize in two or three areas once they graduate. In contrast, consultants do a 6 to 12-month course specifically on immigration law and write a national exam. Both programs have a prerequisite of the university.

The applicant has a lawyer or adviser who is capable of providing proper representation for complicated cases. If the request can go to the federal court, it may be a wise idea to have a supporter at the beginning of the process (at submission). Remember that, while consultants can not go to the federal court, not all lawyers are also involved in handling these cases.

In terms of fees, the fees for both consultants and lawyers can vary from co-workers to occupations. It is true that consultants often charge less, but not always, in some cases than lawyers would. We’ve seen both lawyers and consultants fees range between $8,000 – $10,000 at one firm, and $3,000 to $5,000 at another, for the same service.



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