Which Government Jobs In Canada Are There For PR Holders?

Which Government Jobs In Canada Are There For PR Holders?

November 29, 2019

The Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments always welcome every citizen in Canada to join their offices and help them to provide the best service to the whole public. Working for the government usually goes with a good work environment, benefits and salaries. This will be a good choice, especially for PR holders, to choose within so many stressful lifeworks in an ordinary private company. Then government jobs in Canada for PR holders isn´t a bad idea to come up with, right?

What does a PR holder mean?

The permanent resident card (PR card; French: carte de résident permanent) is an identification document and a travel document for permanent residents of Canada. It is one of the methods by which Canadian permanent residents can prove their status and is, along with the permanent resident travel document (PRTD), one of the only documents that allow permanent residents to return to Canada by a commercial carrier.

What are government jobs?

Many people look towards the government as a source of employment. You can work for the government in many capacities. From Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer to janitor, and from scientist to policy analyst, the range of opportunities is the same for every job type. You can also work abroad for the government, in foreign missions around the world, as a policy advisor, or as military or support personnel. You either need to be a Canadian citizen living within the country or living abroad, as known as a PR holder.

Kind of government jobs

  • Policy leader: 

PR holders living in Canada can apply to the program for the government job, but preference will be given to veterans and Canadian citizens (in that order) who meet the job requirements.

  • National security and defense: 

If you – PR holder- want to have a government job in the National security and defense sector, you will have to which direction you want to go. There are a lot of options for you to choose, such as: 

–    Canadian Armed Forces

–    Canadian Security Intelligent Service(CSIS)

–    Civilian jobs at National Defence 

–    Defense Research and Development Canada( DRDC) 

–    Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

–    Canada Border Services Agency( CBSA) 

–    Communication Security Establishment(CSE)  Canada

–    Public Safety Canada

How to apply for government jobs in Canada for PR holders

To apply for a government job in Canada as a PR holder, you will need to go on the website of The Public Service Jobs page. Here come some following steps to submit your application successfully: 

  1. Create an account on this website and enter your statuses numbers, such as your Service Number, Priority Reference Number or Personal Record Identifier
  2. Search for a job or a category you are interested in.
  3. Apply for any government jobs you liked by clicking the button “Apply online” and fulfill every requirement from the job by your documents. 
  4. Submit your application, when you have completed every criterion. Don’t forget to notice the closing date of that job.

In Canada, PR holders will need to apply online first for the government job and after that, they will receive a date for a private interview, if their applications are selected. This interview will require further assessment by many different assessment tools, based on the job type. 


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