Job Offer Letter For Immigration – Paths To New Chances

Job Offer Letter For Immigration – Paths To New Chances

December 1, 2019

As we know, the job offer letter for immigration is important for the business. It starts the employment relationship on a positive note. All job offer letters are required to use consistent wording to specify employment eligibility and immigration status. For newcomers, this could mean necessary approval for the hire. 

What is a job offer letter?

Job offer letters are formal letters sent to confirm that the candidates have been offered the positions officially. A job offer letter usually comes after a candidate has completed an interview. The letter confirms the employment offer details such as salary, allowances, etc. If a candidate chooses to accept the job offer, he/she signs and returns the letter as an official and formal confirmation of acceptance of the position.

Preparation in advance

Before you make this job offer letter for immigration, there are two conditions to send it, first directly to the person or by email. If you want to send this letter using email, make sure that your email subject has clearly stated the job offer; using body text brief and mention the employers can find the detailed job offer; and the last is set the time-frame when you will like to get your employer’s final response.

Guidelines for writing a job offer letter

To prepare a formal employment contract or a job offer letter for future employment, which must include:

  • The job title for the position being offered;
  • The recipient’s name, with an introduction, do not forget to give the details about the position and their department. 
  • Job description, including main duties and responsibilities;
  • Requirements for the position – a list of necessary professional credentials, education, skills, experience, and licenses, as required;
  • Write down the reason why the company should accept your job description and your ability to give big support to the company.
  • Details about start and end dates (if applicable) of the position;
  • Specifics about the salary you are offering – both wages and other forms of payment; and
  • The name and address of the employer and the details of a contact person at the Canadian company who is familiar with the job offer.

Additionally, you will discover internet websites that let you download templates of a job offer letter for immigration, and personalize them with the company branding and details. You could also make use of the templates that include your productivity application. You just need to open a template and fill in the aspects within the company and get in touch with figures. 

Managing your migrant expectations

It is important to manage your migrant expectations, including how long the visa process will take. Some factors, like how long a Police Check takes, are outside of your control.

Make sure your migrant expectations about the job and what life in Canada will be like are as close as possible to reality. If you have a partner or children, this also adds complexity. 

Talk to your employers about what you need to take care of before you can leave your current home country – a common understanding at this stage will reduce stress and show you are a considerate employee. 



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