Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

October 31, 2019

What is the Employer direct recruitment pathway?

The Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway is the stream that operated by the province of Manitoba. This program targets all potential foreigners, newcomers abroad who were invited for the interview from outside of Canada by the MPNP who have received an Invitation to Apply from the MPNP and whom their expertise is required in Manitoba.


To be eligible for this program candidates need to meet all the requirements below:

1. Job Offer:

Receive a Permanent full-time job offer from an Employer that registered legally in Manitoba

2. Age Restriction:

21 – 45 (in some cases age can be requested specifically by the employer / the firm)

3. Education:

Candidates should complete post-secondary education such as colleges, universities, trade certificate, or have a diploma in a related field with the work mentioned in the program.

4. Work Experience:

Applicants should have at least 2 years od experience and their previous experience is related to the job that they are being selected from Manitoba. Besides, applicants should have sufficient training and work experience in the intended occupation that they want to apply.

Note: the experience should be obtained in the past 5 years

5. Languages Proficiency:

Language requirement for this program need to be at least  CLB/NCLC 5 in each test category (skill area) to be able to meet the language criteria, or CLB 7 for Regulated occupations / CLB 6 for Compulsory trades/ CLB 5 for NOC O,A or B Occupations (more information can be found at the CLB Language Grid (<500KB PDF)). 

6. Adaptability:

Candidates who have experience from previous jobs to another province of Canada are considered as less potential to the program according to the MPNP since the priority will be given to labor market needs outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.

7. Residence:

You need to hold legal status in the country of residence.

8. Settlement Supports:

You should have enough settlement supports and proof of financial resources to settle down to assist upon arrival in Manitoba. More detailed information about the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway applicants can read more about the grading system and how to cumulative for the application.


Step 1: Get employed in Manitoba

The Manitoba Provincial  Nominee Program (MPNP) holds different overseas events about recruitment to connect employers with promising candidates around the world. For this platform, the candidates who want to apply for the program must be interviewed first by the MPNP then by an eligible employer, after that promising candidates will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply from the MPNP.

This program may be complicated for the candidates since potential candidates first need to be identified and recruited by a Manitoba employer, and then be invited to apply.

To be eligible for this program the candidates should have:

  • At least two years of working experience but no longer than in the last five years, the experience should somehow relevant to the occupation.
  • It should be the full-time work in the long-term (not home-based, part-time, temporary, etc..etc) which meets the requirement of Manitoba’s employment and wage standards of the country.
  • For the firm that will employ the candidates should register the commercial business at least three years immediately preceding the application
  • The conditions of working would be consistent with those of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • Language skills of applicants should have at least :
    •  Regulated Occupations ( Minimum CLB 7)
    •  Compulsory Trades (Minimum CLB 6)
    •  Other NOC 0, A or B occupations (Minimum CLB 5)
    •  Semi-skilled occupations (NOC C or D) – ( Minimum CLB/NCLC 4)
  • A post-secondary education or training certificate related to the work being identified by the employer.
  • Required certification of examination depending on the position.
  • In case the candidates with no post-secondary education, the MPNP will provide them possess the required training for the jobs to meet the employer requirements ( apply for NOC C or D occupations). 
  • Candidates applying for the job should be at least 21 and no older than 45 years old.
  • All the employers for the stream have to meet further specific eligibility criteria including ( at least three years of establishment, International Mobility, and minimum revenue).

Step 2: Meet the Requirements in Manitoba

In general, candidates who applied for the Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway must also be qualified for the MPNP. 

Review the criteria in step 1 carefully, and below there are some cases that the applicants are not eligible to apply to the MPNP:

  • Individuals who are involved in a federal appeal or removal process or refugee claimants.
  • Currently living in Canada.
  • The applicants are living or currently working in a province other than Manitoba.
  • Permanent residents in Canada or candidates’ spouses hold Canadian citizenship.
  • Individuals who have been rejected by the MPNP within the last six months.
  • Have an active immigration application or apply to any other provincial immigration program in Canada.

Step 3: Submit an EOI

Potential applicants will be assigned points out of 1000 after the applicants submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) which is an electronic process. A Letter of Advice to Apply will be sent to the top-ranking candidates in a periodic draw from the pool.

Note: The Expression of Interest (EOI) is only valid for one year after submission – if the candidates could not receive an LAA within one year, then the candidate needs to submit a new application of EOI since the old one will expire.

Candidates can update the EOI at any time, even after submission. It means that if the candidates take another language test or gain more work experience, candidates can update the profile and be eligible for higher points without waiting until the old EOI expires. The EOI system is always open to receive the application, therefore, there will be no deadlines.

Note: The EOI is only used to determine candidates’ eligibility in different immigration categories by the Manitoba’s government, however, it is not considered as an application for immigration.

Applicants will be evaluated based on previous education, work experience, language ability, adaptability, and many other factors. A score of 1000 will be given to the candidates.

Step 4: Waiting for LAA

After submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) applicants with the top score will be invited to submit a full application to the MPNP. Applicants will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) which draws are organized every month. Applicants only have 60 calendar days to complete and submit an application to the MPNP after receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA).

Step 5: Application for the Canadian residence permit

After all the steps above finished and application to MPNP (The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) is successful then the candidates can directly apply to the Canadian government for permanent resident status.

Note: There will be some further changes to the MPNP and eligibility criteria, applicants should follow these to get the latest updates as soon as possible.


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