Canada Visa Lottery – Pathways That Foreigners Should Know

Canada Visa Lottery – Pathways That Foreigners Should Know

December 13, 2019

There are many benefits when living in Canada: a stable economy, excellent social services, well-developed facilities, diverse job opportunities and many more. However, immigrating to Canada is not always easy and that’s why rumors about Canada visa lottery and other myths would catch immigrant’s attention.

Does Canada visa lottery exist?

If you have heard about USA immigration then you must have known about a program called Diversity Visa program which will open registration in limited time and randomly select a limited amount of immigrants to grant them the visa status. This program is also popular for many names like green card lottery or visa lottery. However, sadly, there is no Canada visa lottery for immigrants like in the USA. 

You can check about the authenticity of the news about Canada visa lottery by yourself too by using the official website Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of the Canadian federal government. On the website, the IRCC will provide all the information and guideline on whether is it for applying for a visitor visa or paying fees for permanent residency.

The fact that there is no Canada visa lottery may make you feel a little bit down. But on the bright side, you must know that Canada will always welcome immigrants with hard-working attitude and skills to come, work and live in Canada’s provinces. You can check the information of these federal programs in the following list:

Express Entry

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Provincial nominee (Distinguish programs with different requirements for each province or territory)
  • Québec selected skilled workers
  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Caregivers
  • Start-up Visa
  • Self-employed
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

Have advantages of knowing an immigration officer

In many countries, have contact with someone working in the authority may create a huge different outcome in comparing to others who don’t. In Canada, this is also a false claim. Canada is a democracy with a government, legislature and judiciary acting independently. In immigration and other areas, the legislature gives the government power to apply the rules and laws which govern Canada’s people. 

The officers must make decisions impartially and without outside influence. Private individuals will face sanctions just for claiming they can influence public officials. Applicants should not work with anyone claiming to have government ties.

Besides federal programs, the provinces and territories also have specific programs tailored for their strategy. They will have a board of their own to execute the program, includes assessing the application,  making interviewing or checking other requirements before nominee any candidates. The process will be separate for provincial nominee programs. After being nominated by any provincial or territorial government, the final decision for permanent residency is still in the hands of IRCC. So the process will be specialized for each function and no factors from the outside can interfere with the process.

100% guarantee of receiving the visa status

As stated above, no individual can interfere with the decision-making process of the immigration authorities in Canada. For that reason, if you see any service provider advertises that they can get you a PR or visa status in Canada with a 100% success rate then this might be a scam. Anything too good to be true would need to be suspicious. For each applicant, you need to understand carefully about your possibility with each visa program, immigration stream or category. During the process, you must follow the regulations strictly and meet any requirements from the authority to earn your residency. That whole process may contain hidden risks, for example, from misinterpreting the requirements or mistake any similar terms. 

The immigration lawyer or immigration consultant can have a high success rate or haven’t had any failed case for the applicants they handled before. However, no one can state certainly about guarantee to succeed. To prevent you from being deceived by misleading advertisement, you should check carefully the information about the authority of the service providers, the past clients, and their expertise. 

To check other false claims

It’s no surprise that with an attractive immigration program like Canada, there will be much inaccurate information from people who try to take advantage of the immigrants’ desire. Besides Canada visa lottery, contact in the authority or 100% success guarantee, you can see other news with one thing in common that is they are too good to be true. The best way would be doing research from the official website of IRCC, the provincial and territorial government. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from a prestigious and authorized immigration lawyer to receive valued advice from A to Z in your journey. The authorized immigration attorney will have qualified knowledge and they always stay alert to any slightest changes in the regulations.


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