Is it easy to get an IT Job in Canada for immigrants?

Is it easy to get an IT Job in Canada for immigrants?

January 1, 2020

If you are dedicated to some specific skillset, expert advice, and an exciting IT career path then this is for you. As Canada is an open country that they welcome all immigrants to apply for IT job. Whether you are a programmer, an analyst, an architect or a support technician then you will find a perfect chance of an IT-related job that suits you. 

How to find IT jobs in Canada?

It is true that Canada is a land of opportunity for finding jobs in many fields including the IT side. Since many perceive Canada as an open and friendly country towards immigrants thus the applicant can easily jump into the job market in Canada. As the Canadian economy in 2017 has grown up by 3.0% in GDP and the unemployment rate fell to 5.6% it is evidence that Canada has opened to accepting workforce from other countries. Canada indeed needs tech workers badly that around 400.000 unfulfilled positions due to a lack of skilled workers.

To find a job for IT in Canada, there are some first steps that the applicants need to fulfill such as

  1. Enhance the CV before sending to employers any institution in Canada. Poorly written resumes can lead to the rejection of the work.  
  2. Be selective in the job search in order to make a better decision about jobs-related issues ( wages, requirements, relatable documents,etc..).
  3. Search for some jobs advertising on websites such as, or to search for jobs in IT. 
  4. Well prepared all the skills that need for IT.

There are some required skills for IT jobs such as 

  • Java is considered as the top skill for IT.
  • Linux climbed 2 spots to be the second most demanding skill for IT.
  • The top 3 is Javascript.
  • Some other skills that the applicants may need are software development, Angular 2/4, Ionic 3, Git, or Google cloud, User and system administration.

However, depends on the titles of the IT job, which the immigrants work as in Canada, the requirements for the skills will be different.

Which city is best for the IT job in Canada?

As the new studies indicated that the top cities for tech talents are Toronto, Hamilton, Quebec City, Halifax, Ottawa, and Waterloo. Since technology has become woven into every traditional component of a region’s economy the future of many cities in Canada is expecting to grow and become like a tech hub. 

From the CBRE report, more than 82,100 new tech jobs were created which represents the growth rate of 51.5%. A five years tech growth of 71.4 percent in small cities Oshawa, Ontario and 10,000 to 50,000 tech workers in need of the middle size market like Hamilton. 

Those numbers illustrated that IT job demand is increasing rapidly in Canada therefore, finding opportunities to work in the IT field is not such a problem for immigrants.  

Which IT jobs are in high demand in Canada? 

According to some employers, recruiters, and experts in Canada, some of the most in-demand IT jobs are Cybersecurity engineer, AI machine learning engineer,  full-stack developer, Data scientist, Python developer, JavaScript developer, and some others….Those are such have a dramatic impact on IT jobs’ roles and hiring practices so understanding the needs of the market and expectation from employers applicants can be well-prepared for application and work in the IT field. 

For more information please find some other websites 

Job Skills-Employment & Business Programs & Supports

How is the process after applying for the job?

After applying for the positions, the applicants will have to wait around 2 weeks for the scanning round. Suitable candidates will receive an email states that they are invited for an interview online. Depends on what position applicants applied then they will receive different tests, coding, and exam to go through.

After the interview, if the applicants received a positive answer from the employer then the applicants can start to apply for the A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – a document indicates that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker. 

To conclude, to be easier for job-seeking in Canada the applicants should have the right work experience. If the applicants live in the US, the best option is to work on STEM OPT extension in order to gain experience. Then the applicants can then start applying for a similar position in Canada. Other applicants should have the right experience that the Canadian employers want then all the steps after will be easier. 



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