When Can’t I Make Changes In Express Entry Profile?

When Can’t I Make Changes In Express Entry Profile?

January 14, 2020

There are a few situations in which you cannot make changes to your profile.

Your profile is ineligible

When your profile does not meet the requirements for one of the express entry programs, it will be refused and you cannot update it. To know whether you are considered unable to qualify, once you log into an Express Entry profile and only the “View Profile” option is open, your profile has been re-examined and rejected. Your profile is declared unacceptable by the system.

However, you still have another option. You can not change your profile, but still have a new profile to send. Nevertheless, if you were deemed unable to qualify on the basis of your qualifications, you might have to wait until you have improved your eligibility before applying again. Be sure to enter and check all the required information carefully on your second application in order to avoid any errors.

Your profile has received an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If your Express Entry profile receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence then all the information entered into the profile becomes locked in place. While you can technically amend the information when preparing your final application, you should try to avoid this. You will be denied your application if you make any changes to your application that make you inadmissible. In addition, the immigration officer who handles your file reserves the right to ask for information on any differences from the original profile to the final application.

A note on misrepresentation: Lying or providing false information on an immigration application is a serious offense. If a person is caught doing this they may be charged with misrepresentation, resulting in a 5-year ban from submitting any applications for Canadian immigration.


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