Edmonton Immigration – Moving to Alberta’s capital city

Edmonton Immigration – Moving to Alberta’s capital city

November 17, 2019

With ¼ of the population are immigrants from all over the world, this proportion proves that Edmonton immigration is attractive to international students and skilled workers. Let’s discover why and how they immigrating to Edmonton. 

Why immigrating to Edmonton

1. Edmonton’s economy overview

If Alberta’s reputation is the “energy province’ then Edmonton is partly the cause behind that. In Edmonton, large-scale projects are happening with an estimated value of roundly $34,4 billion in a combine for oil and gas, oil sands and pipeline sectors.

The economy of Edmonton developing other industries as well to diversify the economy’s landscape. Relevant services to the oil and gas industry like engineering, equipment, transportation, finance, manufacturing, insurance contribute greatly to the economy and create a lot of jobs in Edmonton. Tourism, retail services, and education are also blooming thanks to many tourist attractions, the beautiful sceneries, and an excellent education system. Especially, education attracts more talented international students to Edmonton would be a key factor in the professional workforce. The strategy of Edmonton is aligned with Alberta which is focus on the developing of technology-advanced industries like automobile, software development or aerospace. 

Edmonton location gives it advantages both in the transportation and logistics industries. The CN Rail’s North America operational facility is located in the city as well as other facilities to handle incoming freight. The city is also an important link in the transportation network. 

2. Jobs opportunities

As a strong industrial hub and a top research center, Edmonton is a great destination for job seekers with many opportunities ahead. 

The petroleum and its relevant supporting groups are the largest single jobs sectors in the city. However, Edmonton can offer you a wide range of works in other sectors like finance, information technology, and biotechnology. As stated above, Edmonton is a research center with many prestigious educational institutions. The University of Alberta located in the city of Edmonton is ranked 3rd globally in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning research. Teachers and educators are always high-demand occupations to support the education system. 

There are many big national and international employers in Edmonton, such as IBM, General Electric, Canadian Western Bank, Telus, TD Canada Trust,… Employers in semi-skilled and retail sectors may accept prospective workers applying in person.  

Foreigners who want to immigrate to Edmonton can use the recommended Alberta alis website of the Alberta government to find a job. The employers on the website usually are aware of the process of hiring foreign workers and properly have received the approval to do so from the government. You should read carefully if the employer would provide sponsorship and LMIA for the position. Not all the job listed have this and some would require you to be authorized to work in Canada at the moment you apply. 

3. Living costs and taxes

Edmonton currently has the second-highest median family income among Canadian cities, specifically, Edmonton families income is 30% higher than the Canadian national average. The minimum wage in Edmonton is roundly 10,2 CAD per hour, the industrial average wage is 26,7 CAD. The wage is at a considerable high rate combined with a low cost of living has helped the Edmontonians save their money.

Alberta is known as Canada’s low tax province so the residents in Edmonton can enjoy benefits from the provincial taxes program. There will be advantages for your household finance if you live in Edmonton, Alberta. For example:

  • No provincial health-care premiums
  • Lowest personal taxes
  • Highest basic and spousal exemptions
  • Low property taxes
  • Lowest gasoline tax 
  • No provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Tax rebates and credits to further help with your finances

Residents in every other province pay up to 10% in addition to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by all Canadians.

Cars are the primary means of transportation but your life in Edmonton won’t have it as a burden since the gasoline and diesel prices in this place are nationally lowest. 

How to immigrate to Edmonton

1. Edmonton immigration streams

You can immigrate to Edmonton through the federal programs, for example: 

  • Family sponsorship
  • Express Entry
  • Start-up Visa
  • Caregivers program
  • Self-employed
  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

The Alberta government also encourages foreign skilled workers and students to come through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). This is a provincial nominee program of Alberta with 3 streams are:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream: The stream is simplified to create more opportunities for international post-graduate students and skilled workers to come and live in Alberta.
  • Alberta Express Entry: The stream selects a limited number of candidates in the Federal Express Entry Pool. 
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream: Encouraging individuals who have managerial experience and funds to invest in a farming business.

You should read carefully each stream and program eligibilities to determine which is the best way for your Edmonton immigration. With many options like this, if you find this process too complicated, asking for assistance from a trusted lawyer can be helpful. 

2. Edmonton’s support services for immigrants

With many immigrants coming each year, the immigrant community and the city’s government have settlement support services that you can find easily. You can find a contact point for your arrival, the guideline for common issues would occur when you start living in Alberta at first. They will also provide interpreting and translating services as well as free ESL classes if you need them. Here are the websites of immigrants services and communities in Edmonton:

The website of the Edmonton city government will provide you information about law, taxes and other public services in the city. 

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC): Join in mentorship programs that can connect you with someone working in your profession. They help you understand what you need to get a job and advance in your occupation

Website for businesses of Edmonton Economic Development

Other helpful websites of the Alberta government:



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