NOC 7232 – Tool and die makers

NOC 7232 – Tool and die makers

December 24, 2019

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 7232 is for Tool and die makers

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level B

Employment requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • Completion of a four- or five-year tool and die making apprenticeship program or a combination of over five years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college or industry courses in tool and die making is usually required to be eligible for tool and die trade certification.
  • Tool and die maker trade certification is available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.
  • Red Seal endorsement is also available to qualified tool and die makers upon successful completion of the interprovincial Red Seal examination.
  • Mould makers usually require completion of a four-year apprenticeship or college program in mould making.
  • Trade certification for mould makers is available, but voluntary, in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Patternmakers usually require completion of an apprenticeship or college program in patternmaking.
  • Patternmaking trade certification is available, but voluntary, in Ontario.

List of Job Titles for NOC 7232 – Tool and die makers

  • Aircraft jig and template maker
  • Aircraft jig and tool maker
  • Apprentice tool and die maker
  • Bench die cutter
  • Bench die fitter
  • Bench die sinker
  • Bench jig maker
  • Bench stamping die maker
  • Bench tool maker
  • Carbide tool maker
  • Diamond saw maker
  • Diamond tool maker
  • Die cutter
  • Die cutter – metalworking
  • Die finisher
  • Die fitter
  • Die maker
  • Die maker – jewellery
  • Die mouldmaker
  • Die reamer
  • Die repairer
  • Die repairman/woman
  • Die sinker
  • Die sinker – metalworking
  • Diecast diemaker
  • Extrusion die template maker
  • Forging die finisher
  • Forging die maker
  • Gauge maker – tool and die
  • Injection moulding tool and die maker
  • Injection mouldmaker
  • Jewellery die cutter
  • Jewellery die sinker
  • Jig and form maker
  • Jig maker
  • Jig maker – die casting and plastic moulding
  • Jig maker – metal products manufacturing
  • Jig-bore tool maker
  • Journeyman/woman tool and die maker
  • Metal mould finisher
  • Metal mould maker
  • Metal mouldmaker
  • Metal patternmaker
  • Metal patternmaker apprentice
  • Model maker – tool and die
  • Motor vehicle jig builder
  • Mould maker – plastics processing
  • Mould maker apprentice
  • Mouldmaker – aircraft
  • Precision tool maker
  • Progressive die fitter
  • Stamping die finisher
  • Steel-rule die maker
  • Template maker – tool and die
  • Tire mould repairer
  • Tool and die maker
  • Tool and die maker apprentice
  • Tool and die preparer
  • Tool and die repairer
  • Tool fitter
  • Tool maintainer
  • Tool maintenance man/woman
  • Tool repairer
  • Tool repairman/woman
  • Toolmaker
  • Wire-drawing die maker
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