NOC 4211 – Paralegal and related occupations

NOC 4211 – Paralegal and related occupations

December 11, 2019

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 4211 is for Paralegal and related occupations

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level B

Employment requirements

  • Paralegals in law firms require a bachelor’s degree in law or a law college diploma and in-house training from a law firm or other legal establishment.
  • Independent paralegals require knowledge of legal principles and procedures usually obtained through industry-sponsored courses and through experience, or through completion of a community college paralegal program.
  • Paralegals require a licence to perform advanced legal services.
  • Notaries public usually require a university degree in law or a related field.
  • Notaries public are appointed after examination and certification of their qualifications by the governing judiciary in their province or territory. All appointments have specific limitations on the activities they can perform and for specific periods of time.
  • Notaries public require a provincial licence. In British Columbia, membership in the Society of Notaries Public is also required.
  • To be licensed, trademark agents are required to work in the area of trademark law, including the preparation and prosecution of trademark applications for registration, for two years and to successfully complete the examination conducted jointly by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and the Registrar of Trade-Marks, Canadian Intellectual Property Office or either one of the above and to be a lawyer entitled to practise in Canada.
  • Trademark agents require registration with the federal Trade-Mark Office.

List of Job Titles for NOC 4211 – Paralegal and related occupations

  • abstractor
  • brief writer – law
  • British Columbia notary public
  • collection paralegal
  • commercial law clerk
  • commercial law paralegal
  • contract clerk – law
  • conveyance clerk
  • copyright agent
  • corporate law and litigation clerk
  • corporate law clerk
  • corporate paralegal
  • corporate securities law clerk
  • corporation paralegal
  • court and tribunal agent
  • criminal law clerk
  • criminal law paralegal
  • family law clerk
  • family law paralegal
  • foreclosure clerk
  • foreclosure paralegal
  • independent paralegal
  • insurance law clerk
  • insurance paralegal
  • labour law clerk
  • labour law paralegal
  • land titles clerk
  • land titles examiner
  • law clerk
  • law clerk to judge
  • lay notary public
  • lease and title clerk
  • legal researcher
  • legal technician
  • litigation law clerk
  • litigation paralegal
  • mortgage and real estate paralegal
  • notary public
  • notary public (British Columbia)
  • notary public (outside Quebec)
  • notary public clerk
  • oil and gas property paralegal
  • oil and gas rights law clerk
  • oil and gas rights paralegal
  • paralegal
  • property paralegal
  • real estate law clerk
  • real estate paralegal
  • registered trademark agent
  • tax law clerk
  • tax paralegal
  • title and lease clerk
  • title examiner
  • title searcher
  • trademark agent
  • transfer-of-title clerk
  • wills and estates law clerk
  • wills and estates paralegal
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