NOC 4161 – Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers

NOC 4161 – Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers

December 11, 2019

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 4161 is for Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants, and program officers

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level A

Employment requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in a related scientific or technical discipline is usually required for occupations in this unit group.
  • A master’s degree in a related scientific discipline may be required.
  • Certification through the Canadian College of Certified Professional Ergonomists is required to use the title “Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE)”. Membership with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists may be required.
  • Occupational hygienists may require certification by the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists.
  • Patent agents require 12 months of work experience in the patent field and successful completion of examinations set by the Commissioner of Patents. They may also be required to be listed in the register of patent agents.
  • Occupations in this group that are involved in green building design and technologies development may require the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification offered by the Canadian Green Building Council.

List of Job Titles for NOC 4161 – Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers

  • agricultural association analyst
  • agricultural issues lobbyist
  • certified ergonomist
  • certified industrial hygienist
  • communications policy researcher
  • disaster emergency response planner
  • emergency management analyst
  • emergency preparedness planner
  • energy policy analyst
  • energy program officer
  • environmental advisor (except engineer)
  • environmental consultant (except engineer)
  • environmental education consultant
  • environmental impact analyst
  • environmental issues lobbyist
  • environmental lobbyist
  • environmental program co-ordinator
  • environmental program development supervisor
  • environmental program manager
  • ergonomics consultant
  • ergonomics specialist
  • ergonomist
  • fisheries analyst
  • fisheries program officer
  • human factors engineer
  • human factors specialist (except engineer)
  • industrial hygienist
  • industrial waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • interface ergonomist
  • multimedia ergonomist
  • municipal recycling program co-ordinator
  • natural and applied sciences consultant
  • natural and applied sciences policy advisor
  • natural and applied sciences policy analyst
  • natural and applied sciences program officer
  • natural and applied sciences researcher
  • natural resources planner
  • natural resources policy analyst
  • occupational hygiene officer
  • occupational hygienist
  • patent agent
  • patent searcher
  • program co-ordinator – environmental organization
  • recycling co-ordinator – residuals management
  • recycling program co-ordinator
  • regional recycling and waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • registered occupational hygienist
  • registered patent agent
  • scientific consultant
  • solid waste program co-ordinator
  • solid waste program manager
  • technology transfer officer
  • transportation program analyst
  • transportation safety analyst
  • waste diversion consultant
  • waste diversion program co-ordinator
  • waste diversion program manager
  • waste management program co-ordinator
  • waste reduction and recycling officer
  • waste reduction education program officer
  • waste reduction program co-ordinator
  • wind energy analyst
  • work site analyst
  • work site auditor
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