NOC 3237 – Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment

NOC 3237 – Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment

December 8, 2019

In Canada immigration application, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 3237 is for Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment.

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level B

Employment requirements

  • Hearing instrument practitioners require completion of a three-year college diploma in a hearing instrument specialist program, including a period of supervised training.
  • Licensure with a regulatory body is required for hearing instrument practitioners in all provinces except in Ontario where membership with the Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners (AHIP) is required. Hearing instrument practitioners can prescribe and dispense hearing instruments except in Ontario where dispensing is dependent on a prescription from a physician or audiologist.
  • Communicative disorders assistants and speech-language pathology assistants require completion of a three- to four-year college program.
  • Audiometric technicians usually require a specialization in industrial audiometry testing.
  • Ophthalmic medical assistants require completion of a one- to two-year college program or a two-year hospital-based training program in ophthalmic medical technology or a minimum of one year of supervised practical training under an ophthalmologist and completion of an approved ophthalmic assistant home study program.
  • Physiotherapy assistants require completion of a two- to three-year college program in physical rehabilitation therapy or a two-year physical therapy assistant (PTA) program and supervised practical training.
  • Occupational therapy assistants require completion of a two-year occupational therapy assistant (OTA) college program.

List of Job Titles for NOC 3237 – Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment

  • assistive listening device technician
  • audiological technician
  • audiology technician
  • audiometric aide
  • audiometric assistant
  • audiometric technician
  • audiometric technician – public health
  • audiometrician
  • audiometrist
  • audiometrist aide
  • communication aide – medical
  • communication assistant – medical
  • communication disorders assistant
  • communication disorders instructor
  • communicative disorders assistant
  • communicative disorders instructor
  • hearing aid assistant
  • hearing aid consultant
  • hearing aid dealer
  • hearing aid dealer and consultant
  • hearing aid practitioner
  • hearing aid specialist
  • hearing aid technician
  • hearing assessment technician
  • hearing disorder technician
  • hearing instrument dispenser
  • hearing instrument practitioner
  • hearing instrument practitioner assistant
  • hearing instrument specialist
  • industrial audiometric technician
  • kinesitherapist
  • licensed hearing instrument specialist
  • manual arts therapist
  • occupational therapist assistant
  • occupational therapy assistant
  • occupational therapy technician
  • ophthalmic assistant
  • ophthalmic medical assistant
  • ophthalmic medical technician
  • ophthalmic medical technologist
  • ophthalmic technician
  • ophthalmic technician (except retail)
  • ophthalmic technologist
  • ophthalmologist assistant
  • physical rehabilitation technician
  • physical therapist assistant (PTA)
  • physical therapy aide
  • physical therapy technician
  • physiotherapist assistant (PTA)
  • physiotherapy aide
  • physiotherapy assistant
  • physiotherapy technician
  • speech aide
  • speech correctionist – medical
  • speech language assistant
  • speech technician
  • speech therapist aide
  • speech therapist assistant
  • speech therapy aide
  • speech therapy assistant
  • speech-language pathology assistant
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