NOC 3215 – Medical radiation technologists job titles

NOC 3215 – Medical radiation technologists job titles

December 8, 2019

In Canada immigration application, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 3215 is for Medical radiation technologists job titles

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level B

Employment requirements

  • Completion of a two- to three-year college, hospital or other approved program in diagnostic radiography or magnetic resonance imaging (for radiological technologists and magnetic resonance technologists), nuclear medicine technology (for nuclear medicine technologists) or radiation therapy (for radiation therapists) or a bachelor of health sciences in radiography, nuclear medicine or radiation therapy and a period of supervised practical training are required.
  • Licensure with a regulatory body is required in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  • Membership with a provincial association is required in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba.
  • Certification by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists is required in all provinces except Quebec and British Columbia.

List of Job Titles for NOC 3215 – Medical radiation technologists job titles

  • brachytherapy technologist
  • chief radiographer
  • chief radiotherapy technologist
  • diagnostic imaging technologist
  • diagnostic medical radiation technologist
  • diagnostic radiography technologist
  • diagnostic radiological technician
  • diagnostic radiological technologist
  • diagnostic radiology technologist
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologist
  • magnetic resonance technologist
  • mammography technician
  • mammography technologist
  • medical radiation technologist
  • medical radiation technologists supervisor
  • medical radiographer
  • nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI) technologist
  • nuclear medicine chief technologist
  • nuclear medicine clinical co-ordinator
  • nuclear medicine clinical instructor
  • nuclear medicine supervisor
  • nuclear medicine technical co-ordinator
  • nuclear medicine technical director
  • nuclear medicine technician
  • nuclear medicine technologist
  • nuclear medicine technologists supervisor
  • oncology technologist
  • positron-emission tomography (PET) technologist
  • radiation oncology simulator technologist
  • radiation oncology technician
  • radiation oncology technologist
  • radiation technologist – cancer therapy
  • radiation technologist – oncology
  • radiation therapist
  • radiation therapists supervisor
  • radiation therapy chief technologist
  • radiation therapy clinical co-ordinator
  • radiation therapy clinical instructor
  • radiation therapy technical co-ordinator
  • radiation therapy technologist (RTT)
  • radiographic technologist
  • radiography chief technologist
  • radiography clinical co-ordinator
  • radiography clinical instructor
  • radiography supervisor
  • radiography technical co-ordinator
  • radiography technical director
  • radiography technologist
  • radiography technologists supervisor
  • radioisotope technician
  • radioisotope technologist
  • radiological technician
  • radiological technologist
  • radiology technologist
  • radiotherapy technician
  • radiotherapy technologist
  • registered radiology technologist
  • registered technologist in nuclear medicine (RTNM)
  • registered technologist in radiation therapy
  • registered technologist in radiography (RTR)
  • senior radiation therapy technologist
  • therapeutic radiological technician
  • X-ray (radiology) technician
  • X-ray machine operator – medical
  • X-ray technician
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