NOC 2261 – Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians

NOC 2261 – Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians

December 8, 2019

In Canada immigration application, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 2261 is for Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians job titles.

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level B

Employment requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is required.
  • Completion of two years of an approved post-secondary science or engineering program may be required.
  • Additional classroom and on-the-job training is required for certification in non-destructive testing.
  • Non-destructive testing certification by Natural Resources Canada is available in three levels and is usually required by employers.
  • Industrial radiographers using a radioactive isotope must pass an examination to be recognized as a certified exposure device operator by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
  • Welding inspector certification by the Canadian Welding Bureau is available in three levels and may be required by employers.
  • Boiler and pressure vessel, process pipeline and above-ground storage tank inspector certification is available from the American Petroleum Institute.

List of Job Titles for NOC 2261 – Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians

  • acoustic emission technician
  • acoustic emission tester
  • aircraft non-destructive inspection technician
  • black light technician – non-destructive testing
  • boiler tester
  • dye penetrant technician
  • dye penetrant tester
  • eddy current technician
  • eddy current tester
  • fluorescent penetrant testing technician
  • fluoroscope tester
  • forging tester
  • hydrostatic tester
  • industrial radiographer
  • industrial radiographer – radiotelephony
  • infrared technician
  • infrared tester
  • infrared thermographer
  • infrared thermography technician
  • liquid penetrant technician – non-destructive testing
  • liquid penetrant testing technician
  • magnetic particle technician
  • magnetic particle tester
  • magnetic particle testing technician
  • maintenance technician – non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • non-destructive examination technician
  • non-destructive examiner
  • non-destructive inspection technician
  • non-destructive inspection tester
  • non-destructive inspector
  • non-destructive test technician
  • non-destructive tester
  • non-destructive testing maintenance (NDT) technician
  • non-destructive testing trainee
  • pipe tester – non-destructive testing
  • pipeline testing technician – non-destructive testing
  • pressure tank tester
  • pressure vessel tester
  • qualified operator – non-destructive testing
  • radiographic technician – non-destructive testing
  • radiographic tester
  • reflectoscope tester
  • thermographer-tester
  • ultrasonic immersion tester
  • ultrasonic technician – non-destructive testing
  • ultrasonic tester
  • ultrasonic testing technician
  • ultraviolet light testing technician
  • vibration analysis technician – non-destructive testing
  • visual inspection technician – welding
  • weld tester
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