NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting

NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting

December 6, 2019

National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 1122 is for Professional occupations in business management consulting job titles.

NOC skill type/level: Skill Level A

Employment requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce or a related discipline is usually required.
  • A graduate degree in business administration may be required.
  • Some establishments may require management consultants to be certified by a provincial management consulting association.
  • Certification as a quality auditor may be required for some occupations in this unit group.
  • Occupations in health information management consulting may require certification by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA).

List of Job Titles for NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting

  • business consultant
  • business management analyst
  • business management consultant
  • business methods analyst
  • certified management consultant
  • client group supervisor
  • conference facilitator
  • corporate development planning adviser
  • corporate planner
  • direct mail specialist
  • export trade consultant
  • file manager
  • filing systems analyst
  • forms management analysts supervisor
  • health information management consultant
  • industrial and commercial methods analyst
  • industrial standards quality auditor
  • ISO consultant
  • management analyst
  • management consultant
  • methods and cost analyst
  • methods and procedures analyst
  • occupational analyst – services to management firms
  • operations management senior consultant
  • organization and methods officer
  • organization and methods researcher
  • organizational analysis consultant
  • organizational analyst
  • point of sale system manager
  • price management analyst
  • records filing systems analysts supervisor
  • records management specialist
  • records management systems analyst
  • records manager – business services
  • regulatory affairs analyst
  • regulatory affairs associate
  • regulatory affairs officer
  • regulatory affairs specialist
  • regulatory compliance officer
  • regulatory compliance specialist
  • standards co-ordinator
  • standards specialist
  • supply chain process analyst
  • team training specialist
  • time study analyst – services to management firms
  • transition management consultant
  • work reorganization consultant
  • work study analyst
  • work study analysts supervisor
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