NOC 0311 – Managers in health care job titles

NOC 0311 – Managers in health care job titles

December 5, 2019

National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 0311 is for Managers in health care job titles.

NOC skill type/level: Skill Type 0

Employment requirements

  • Administrators of departments such as surgery, clinical medicine or laboratory medicine are usually required to have the education and training of a specialist physician.
  • Administrators of other departments, such as nursing, dietetics or physiotherapy, are usually required to have the education and training of the medical professionals in that department.
  • Several years of experience in the relevant profession, including supervisory experience, are usually required.
  • Certification in the relevant profession is required.

List of Job Titles for NOC 0311 – Managers in health care.

  • assistant administrator for nursing
  • assistant director of nursing
  • assistant director of nursing services
  • assistant nursing services administrator
  • behaviour therapy services director
  • blood bank administrator
  • chief dietitian
  • chief of anatomical pathology
  • chief of anesthesia
  • chief of audiology and speech language pathology
  • chief of biomedical engineering service
  • chief of cardiology
  • chief of dermatology
  • chief of diagnostic imaging
  • chief of diagnostic radiology
  • chief of emergency medicine
  • chief of endocrinology
  • chief of gastro-enterology
  • chief of hematology
  • chief of housing activities
  • chief of infectious diseases
  • chief of laboratory medicine
  • chief of medical staff
  • chief of medicine
  • chief of nephrology
  • chief of neurology
  • chief of obstetrics and gynecology
  • chief of occupational therapy
  • chief of operating area
  • chief of ophthalmology
  • chief of pathology
  • chief of pediatrics
  • chief of pharmacy
  • chief of physiotherapy
  • chief of psychiatry
  • chief of psychology
  • chief of radiation oncology
  • chief of respirology
  • chief of rheumatology
  • chief of staff – hospital
  • chief of surgery
  • chief of urology
  • chief radiology technologist
  • clinical services manager
  • dental health services administrator
  • dental laboratory managing supervisor
  • director of audiology and speech language pathology
  • director of clinical medicine
  • director of dietetics
  • director of laboratory medicine
  • director of nursing – medical services
  • director of occupational therapy
  • director of physiotherapy
  • director of professional services – medical services
  • director of psychology – health care
  • director of surgery
  • first aid services director
  • home care services director – medical services
  • medical clinic director
  • medical director
  • mental health residential care program manager
  • nursing care manager – medical services
  • nursing services administrator
  • nursing services assistant administrator
  • nursing services director – medical services
  • nursing services manager – medical services
  • nursing unit administrator
  • occupational health services director
  • pharmacy director
  • podiatric clinic manager
  • psychology director – health care
  • public health nursing services director
  • Red Cross first aid director
  • rehabilitation services director
  • rehabilitation services director – medical services
  • therapeutic services administrator
  • therapeutic services director
  • therapeutic services director – psychiatric hospital
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