Why The Employers Need A Labor Market Opinion?

Why The Employers Need A Labor Market Opinion?

January 5, 2020

To hire foreign employees legally in Canada, the applicants need approval from the Human Resource and Skill Development Canada agency which is called a labor market opinion. The labor market opinion is such a ticket which is prepared on behalf of Canadian employers to Service Canada and to bring outside workers to fill the labor shortage in the country.

What is the labor market opinion?

An employer who wishes to hire foreigner workers will have to submit an application to Service Canada for a labor market opinion. After that, the candidates will apply to Immigration for a work permit.

Consideration of the job offer

Service Canada will have to consider several things before confirming the job for the applicant. The first one is to clarify whether the job offer is genuine or not. The second important thing is to make sure about the wages and working conditions of the company compared to other companies in Canada. The final important thing is whether the foreign worker will transfer their knowledge and skills to other Canadians and to clarify that the hiring workers from different countries outside Canada will not affect a labor dispute of any Canadian worker.

After all the requirements are satisfied Service Canada will then approve for the job offer and a Labour Market Opinion confirmation letter will be sent to the employer for the next steps from Canadian Embassy or Visa Post abroad.

How to get a positive Labour Market Opinion in Canada?

In most cases, the employers in Canada will receive a positive Labour Market Opinion ( LMO) to hire temporary foreign workers. In order to receive a positive LMO, employers must demonstrate the following 

  • Made the efforts to hire Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents for the position in Canada;
  • The wages and working conditions being offered have to meet or exceed the prevailing standards in the employer’s region;
  • Potential benefits to the Canadian labor market that will occur because of hiring foreign workers.

The employer will then have to send a copy of LMO after they received it to their identified foreign worker and it should be included in the worker’s application for a Temporary Work Permit. 

If I have an LMO what should I do next?

Once the applicants received an approved LMO you should finish all related requirements such as medical check, your health, and prepare for the trip to Canada. The applicant can then fly to Canada and get their work permit at the port of entry.

For the application please find it here.

How long is the LMO processing time?

It depends on the departments and also the type of jobs, it usually takes 10 days for some certain high-skills jobs. However, if the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/ Service Canada it can take longer in the processing time.


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