What Should You Know About Quebec Express Entry?

What Should You Know About Quebec Express Entry?

December 19, 2019

Normally people will think that every province in Canada will have the same system for Express Entry program, which is already easy recognized from the name that this stream will help people to immigrate in any Canada´s province as fast as possible. However, Quebec Express Entry isn’t a normal Express Entry Program. What is it and how does it work will be discussed in this blog for you to have a brief overview, especially who want to immigrate in Quebec.

What is Quebec Express Entry?

Express Entry is an electronic management application system for immigration to Canada.

It is not an immigration program. Rather, it facilitates the selection and processing of Canada’s economic immigration programs:

According to the blog Quebec Immigration, you may know that Quebec Provincial Immigration is a provincial Nominee Program for those skilled workers who are willing to work and settle in Quebec.

Federal Express Entry Program vs Quebec Provincial Nominee Program 

  • The same point of two programs: 

People, who want to apply not only for Federal Express Entry Program but also for Quebec Provincial Nominee Program, have to fulfill those following requirements:

–    Age advantage is below 35 years old

–    Already graduated and have a diploma

–    Spousal English

–    Credential assessment

–    Financial requirement

  • The differences between the two programs:

Thus the system of Quebec Express Entry is based on the Federal Express Entry, there are a few differences of two streams you should be considered.

Federal Express Entry Program:

    •    IELTS from 6.0
    •    Minimum of 2 years of work experience
    •    No French requirement
    •    No points for children

Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

    •     IELTS from 5.0
    •     Minimum of 6 months of work experience
    •     No French requirement for Submission
    •     Plus point for children

How does Quebec Express Entry work?

  • Candidates, eligible to participate in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, will have to submit an Expression of Interest as their first step.
  • The profile created in the online system will be valid for 12 months, similarly to the federal Express Entry system. After being accepted to the Expression of Interest pool, the candidate will see their score in the ranking system, which determines their position in the pool. This is similar to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the federal Express Entry.
  • Quebec then will draw candidates from the Expression of Interest pool through invitation rounds or so-called “draws.” Candidates who meet or exceed the cut-off score will be invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  • The candidate who has been given an Invitation to Apply will have 90 days to submit an application for CSQ. After they receive the certificate, applicants will be able to apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence.

It is already clear that the new system will take all the best accomplishment of the federal Express Entry system. It means faster, more efficient and smooth applications. It also means that instead of the first-come-first-served system, the new system will be merit-based and points will be awarded for specific factors.

Which stream should I follow?

Express entry program is easier because every month candidates get two opportunities to get their profiles picked as in each month two draws are been conducted. in Quebec nomination people has to wait for the province to get open and again the candidate much have a valid job offer to apply for the Quebec province

Express Entry Program gives a candidate to land anywhere in Canada but in Quebec, nomination candidate moment is restricted. You have to live in Quebec for 2 years.

Immigration is federally controlled but there is an exception in the case of Quebec because of language requirements. That said express entry is more convenient and most approached path of every immigrant to Canada, and if you are fluent in French and are okay to look for a job where French will be spoken and written then you should definitely try to go for Quebec Immigration as that added language skill will give you a heads up advantage.


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