Manitoba Immigration Lawyer – Candidate’s Opportunities

Manitoba Immigration Lawyer – Candidate’s Opportunities

December 11, 2019

Manitoba has become a popular Canadian immigration destination due to its strong and growing economy. However, while some Manitoba immigration procedures and forms may appear simple, the legal considerations are highly complex. By interacting with a wide range of Manitoba Immigration lawyer, newcomers can learn more about the Manitoba immigration process and what need to do to obtain a Manitoba visa. 

Why hire a lawyer? 

Hiring a Manitoba immigration lawyer is not mandatory. Citizenship and Immigration Canada make clear that no special attention will be paid to a file with representation. So why hire an experienced immigration lawyer instead of applying on your own?

The consequences of not getting it right the first time range from costly delays to a negative decision. Most errors made by those who self-represent would have been avoided by an experienced Manitoba immigration lawyer. 

Having a lawyer with years of training and expertise may result in a quicker and more favorable outcome because of the inclusion of a persuasive argument of the case, and the avoidance of errors or omitted information.

About Manitoba Immigration Lawyers

Manitoba Immigration Lawyers help foreign nationals seeking to immigrate as well as Canadians wishing to emigrate to another country. 

Immigration Lawyers can help foreign nationals with their:

  • Permanent Residence Applications
  • Temporary Residence Applications
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Refugee Claims
  • Adoption of a child from abroad

In addition to permanent emigration, immigration lawyers can also assist clients in obtaining temporary employment, student or travel visas. Employers seeking experienced talent from abroad may engage immigration lawyers to help ease the process of hiring citizens from outside Manitoba.

Choosing the right Manitoba immigration lawyer

Choosing the right Manitoba immigration lawyer is a decision that must get right the first time. Provincial associations regulate lawyers by ensuring they meet appropriate standards of education, skill, and professionalism. However, it is the client’s responsibility to properly vet his or her options when selecting a lawyer.

To find the right Manitoba immigration lawyer:

  • ask people you trust to recommend someone
    • Be sure to get advice from several people before you choose
  • ask questions
    • Be careful of someone who won’t answer your questions

If you are using an immigration lawyer who works in Manitoba, you can also contact the Better Business Bureau. It can tell you if it has received complaints about a citizenship or immigration lawyer.

Tips to protect yourself from fraud

  • Be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true
  • Beware of immigration lawyers who encourage you to give false information in your application
  • Do not leave original documents or photos with your immigration lawyers
  • Do not sign blank application forms
  • Do not sign forms or documents unless you can read them. If you do not understand them, ask someone to translate
  • Make sure to get copies of any documents your immigration lawyer makes for you
  • Any time you pay your immigration lawyer, get a signed receipt
  • Make sure your immigration lawyer updates you on your application often

It is encouraged that immigrants do more research and make sure to find the best representative to suit their needs. 

Immigration Tools

By interacting with a wide range of exclusive immigration tools, newcomers can learn more about the Manitoba immigration process and what need to do to obtain a Manitoba visa.


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