Kitchener Immigration – A Potential Location in Ontario

Kitchener Immigration – A Potential Location in Ontario

December 1, 2019

Located nearly 100km west of Toronto, the city of Kitchener is the place you should be for a moderate urban lifestyle with a strong sense of diversity. For your convenience, this article will list down a few charms of Kitchener immigration that draw many Asian, European and even Latin American immigrants every year.     

Living and working in Kitchener

1. The economy of Kitchener

The city is home to four municipal business parks: the Bridgeport Business Park, Grand River West Business Park, Huron Business Park, and Lancaster Corporate Centre. The largest, the Huron Business Park, is home to a number of industries, from seat manufacturers to furniture components. Though the primary industry in Kitchener is manufacturing, its economy has been internationally recognized for successfully diversified shifts to the high-value economic clusters, for instance, finance, insurance, digital media, health, and science. The city of Kitchener is working to match the goal of the Waterloo region toward a diverse and resilient economy

2. Job opportunities in Kitchener

In 2012, 20.36% of the labor force was employed in the manufacturing sector. However, the change is coming due to the diversification that brings more businesses in other sectors to come to Kitchener. Foreign workers and students, especially those wishing to pursue a career in high-tech, biomedical, engineering and advanced manufacturing can find their opportunity in Kitchener immigration because there will be a huge demand in the future.

Giant international companies have located in Kitchener’s digital hub, Tannery. Google and Communitech established their base in the city since 2011, brought in thousands of job opportunities for the locals and immigrants. Especially Communitech, considered as home to over 800 innovative companies, job demand in Kitchener varies from information technology, digital media, biomedical, aerospace, environmental technology to advanced manufacturing. 

3. Living in Kitchener

With a stable economy and always have the demand for highly skilled workers, the foreigners can soon join the class of average income in the Waterloo region which is $77,530, higher than the average of Ontario. Have a Germanic root, the city was once called the city of Berlin back in the 20th century. Now, the historical culture still influences how the residents in Kitchener enjoy festivals and life. Kitchener city host the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, the largest celebration of all things Bavarian outside of Germany. A highlight of Kitchener immigration that is you can enjoy the modern life of the tenth largest CMA in Canada as well as the ancient breath from museums and heritage sites. The tax and property prices in the Waterloo region, in general, is also considerably lower than the competent CMA regions.

Moving to Kitchener

1. Kitchener Immigration streams 

You can use the IRCC website to look for all programs and streams requirements from the federal government and learn which suits you most if you want to accomplish Kitchener immigration with federal programs. Your family members can be the secondary applicants to immigrate with you. Here are a few suggestions of the federal immigration programs for you :

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) is also a good path for Kitchener immigration. The streams allow foreign workers, international students, and others with the right skills, experience, and education to apply for a nomination for permanent residence in Ontario. Kitchener immigration can be accomplished with these provincial streams:

Each stream and category has different requirements. Make sure you understand it thoroughly before deciding to process so you won’t make any mistake that might affect your application. Not all of the stream is always open, therefore, checking the information prior to your preparation or taking consultancy from a reliable immigration lawyer would help you better. 

2. Kitchener’s support services for immigrants

Newcomers in Kitchener can seek assistance form many non-profit support immigrant service providers. 

Ontario Settlement Instructions: You can seek instructions from the Ontario government for all sorts of issues from getting a driver’s license to find child care.

YMCA Kitchener: Getting help from the YMCA with specific programs and counsellings for newcomers, attend orientation and skill programs. They also have support groups for female immigrants in Kitchener which support women in employment and life skills. 

For Newcomers – Waterloo Region: they provide information about training courses, language training, information about the job market in Kitchener, the qualifications, and licenses.


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