Finding A Job In Canada As An Immigrant – Is It Difficult?

Finding A Job In Canada As An Immigrant – Is It Difficult?

November 25, 2019

In recent years, Canada has become a favorite country for studying abroad and immigration. With a multicultural vibe and its supporting projects for foreigners now. With 1709.30 billion US dollars value from GDP in 2018. However, there is a shortage of labor in Canada, particularly in certain skilled fields. Consequently, Canada is actively seeking foreign workers, such as immigrants, and professionals to help grow its domestic workforce. This article will provide you the way finding a job in Canada as an immigrant.

Requirements for immigrants

Becoming an immigrant in Canada is also mean that now you have the rights to find and apply for any job without any other requirements about work permit like normal foreigners. The majority of jobs in Canada are in the service sector and a small part of the manufacturing and natural resources. Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal are four big cities that contribute the most of GDP growth for Canada, so you may find more chances in those areas. However near to the Atlantic Provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador is really hard to seek a job here due to its costs to process an application, especially application from foreigners. As you know Canada´s mother language is English but in some provinces, bilingual French-English is compulsory especially Quebec. Depending on a job you are applying for, there will be some different demands but overall it always demands some prior relevant experience and some other skills and ability if it is a highly qualified job.

How can I search for a job in Canada

There are many helpful resources to get help with your job search in Canada:

– Immigrant-serving organizations, who offer:

  • résumé writing workshops
  • job search training sessions
  • other services to help you find work

– Job Bank, which offers free occupational and career information about working in Canada, such as:

  • jobs
  • wages
  • main duties
  • employment trends
  • educational requirements
    • your province’s or territory’s website for newcomers
    • Service Canada, which has important information about searching and applying for jobs

How can I improve my resume for my job

1. Volunteering Program

If you are new to the whole surroundings also never have had any experiences about the job or work, it might be difficult for you as an immigrant that finding a job in Canada so being a volunteer is a good start for you. Volunteering means you perform a service willingly and without pay. Working as a volunteer can help you:

  • get Canadian work experience
  • practice your English or French
  • build your network of contacts
  • meet Canadians and make friends
  • find someone who will be a reference for you
  • show potential employers that you’re willing to work hard

You can easily find a volunteer job with the phrase “name of the province + volunteer jobs” or visit the Volunteer Canada website. 

2. Bridging Programs

Bridging programs help internationally trained professionals and tradespeople who want to work in their field in Canada. They can help you get a license or certification and integrate into the Canadian workplace. They offer some services, such as: 

  • courses
  • education and skills assessments
  • practical or workplace experience
  • exam prep for licenses or certificates
  • language training for professions or trades
  • action and learning plans to help you identify the training you may need

Here are some high-demand jobs in Canada in 2020 and beyond

1. Registered Nurse

Canada’s overall aging population. Seniors and elderly people typically have higher health care needs than those in the younger generations. It’s expected that the demand for medical care will grow, resulting in several new jobs. In fact, from 2017 to 2026, there could be a shortage of about 13,200 registered nurses across the country. That´s why you can find most of the immigrants are doing this job.

2. Truck Driver

All Canadians’ lives are affected by truck drivers. However, some areas depend on truck drivers much more than others. For example, some parts of the country are very remote. Residents in those areas often count on truck drivers to bring them important products like food and clothing. So, by becoming a truck driver, you can take on an essential role in helping to keep the country thriving and connected

3. College or Vocational Instructor

An academic-focused institution will likely require you to have a master’s degree, whereas a vocational-focused institution may accept a diploma or bachelor’s degree as long as you- immigrants- have extensive and relevant industry experience. 

4. Business Management Consultant

In an expanding global marketplace that’s becoming increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be lean and productive. In order to achieve that goal, businesses often hire management consultants to help them. Due to an expected increase in the demand for professional consulting services, combined with workers retiring and transitioning to other positions, management consulting is one of the top jobs in demand and as an immigrant finding a job in Canada like isn´t so difficult.

5. Welder

Welding is one of the jobs in high demand, largely due to new job growth rather than retirement rates. After all, the welding workforce is a little younger than many others. For both residents and immigrants, these jobs are not so hard to apply for.

6. Licensed Practical Nurse

Although the licensed practical nurse (LPN) workforce is younger than the Registered Nurse, a growing number of retirements is still expected in the coming years. In fact, from 2017 to 2026, about 4,300 LPN jobs could go unfilled across the country due to a labor shortage. So, if you want to make a difference and play an important role in the delivery of high-quality health care, then becoming an LPN could be an incredible opportunity.

7. Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and their assistants perform important work that helps people manage movement, mobility, and life-skills issues resulting from injuries, diseases, and other physical or mental conditions. You could take on a critical role that helps people live more comfortably, improve or maintain their mobility, or even extend the time in which they are able to live more independently.

8. Software Engineer or Designer

Anticipated growth in the computer, telecommunications, and mobile technology sectors is expected to fuel the demand for software engineers and developers. Additionally, growth in sectors like machinery and equipment manufacturing could further drive the demand, especially immigrants who are intensive looking for a job. As a result, you may be able to pursue a lot of potential opportunities in a high-tech career related to the design and development of software systems and applications.

9. Aerospace Engineer

As Canada’s fleets of aircraft age and tighter environmental and security regulations come into place, it’s expected that the demand for updated aircraft will increase. As the brains behind aerospace systems, vehicles, and their components, you could have responsibilities related to research, design, development, installation, testing, and maintenance.



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