British Columbia Immigration Lawyer – Legal Assistance

British Columbia Immigration Lawyer – Legal Assistance

December 3, 2019

Immigration is an ever-changing area of law. Immigration lawyers try to update the latest developments. Clients engage lawyers to assist them through complex laws and the steps required to address a business or personal immigration law matter. British Columbia immigration lawyer works with candidates from nominee programs to help clients understand the legal steps before living and working in British Columbia. They can assist with the immigration documents required and identify how immigration law might affect their business dealings. 

What does immigration lawyer do?

Immigration lawyers identify the reasons why a foreign national may not be permitted entry to British Columbia and advise on eligibility, and where applicable, options to overcome these challenges. They assist their clients with the government filings and advise on strategies to maintain legal status in Canada. 

Immigration lawyers also help clients understand the steps required to sponsor a loved one, which tests immigration officer’s use, as well as a variety of other immigration and cross-border related matters. Besides, an immigration lawyer can advise clients on the process of permanent residence, work permits, study permits, and reuniting families. 

Experienced immigration lawyers even have built relationships with applicable government departments in the immigration or cross-border process, including Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, Service Canada, Provincial Departments, and the Canada Border Services Agency.

How to choose a good immigration lawyer in British Columbia?

When searching for a lawyer, consider the following factors and questions:

  • Comfort – You will want the comfort of an experienced and knowledgeable law firm assisting you with the process. Asking yourself questions such as ‘Are you comfortable confiding in the lawyer with personal and confidential information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?’ 
  • Credentials – Look at their biography, education, and training. How long has the lawyer been in practice? What is their area of practice? How long have they been at their firm? Has the lawyer worked on cases similar to yours?
  • Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat rate? Will the lawyer be able to provide you an estimate for the case?
  • City – Is the lawyer’s office located in an area that is easily and conveniently accessible to you?
  • Special issues – Sometimes past criminal convictions, medical problems, security issues, and other sensitive topics can delay or even prevent your admissibility to British Columbia as a permanent immigrant. If one or more of these issues affect your case, you will need the services of trained and qualified lawyers.
  • Shortage of time – Many of you are simply too busy to initiate and follow through with the immigration applications. Therefore, you seek the necessary commitment of time to your immigration needs so you can focus on other matters.
  • Multicultural sensitivity- Immigration law requires sensitivity to the cultures, languages, customs, and traditions from around the world. 

Differences between a consultant and a lawyer

Immigration lawyers must attend law school and complete a three-year degree to become a lawyer. They must pass the bar exam to become legally registered and undergo an internship with a law firm. Also, most law programs require an undergraduate degree, which means lawyers generally have several years of post-secondary education.

Conversely, immigration consultants are not lawyers. They do not attend law school and only need a one-year certification program to become registered. It is also not necessary for immigration consultants to have completed an undergraduate degree to start their certification. As a result, many immigration consultants do not understand the true complexities of British Columbia immigration laws.

British Columbia Immigration lawyer’s process

The application of immigration involves many steps and issues. Immigration lawyers assist clients at every stage of the process. After all, immigration is more than just filling forms. It is a significant life decision and requires full consideration.

  • Assessing your needs

First, the British Columbia Immigration lawyer review your needs by asking questions like Which is the best immigration category for you? How quickly do you need/want to have your visa approved? If you have a spouse and/or children, are they accompanying you and what are their needs? Are you bringing funds to British Columbia to establish a business? Then they will establish an application processing plan for you.

  • Implementing the plan

During the process, British Columbia immigration lawyers work with you to gather the required documents and information to present your application in the best possible light. Sometimes this means gathering references, acquiring financial statements, having copies notarized for authenticity. Whatever the need, they work with you to prepare your application for submission.

  • Monitoring the process

Once your application is submitted, they keep track of the processing. From reminders to the government agency, to making additional submissions, to updating forms, to preparing you for your interview (if any), they monitor who, how and when your application is being processed.

  • Post-decision assistance

Once a decision is made about your application, British Columbia Immigration lawyer assists you with any issues, which arise after your arrival in Canada. They have a network of experienced professionals who can assist you. If your application is not successful, they assess the reasons for the denial and provide alternatives including an appeal and additional submissions. 



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