Are Jobs In Canada For Immigrants Difficult To Find?

Are Jobs In Canada For Immigrants Difficult To Find?

November 27, 2019

Canada is a developed country in the northern part of North America, also known as the second-largest country in the world. In Canada, you can find a wide range of jobs, such as a nurse, driver, consultant and engineer, which are mostly done by immigrants. Canada is a famous destination for foreigners to immigrate and in 2019 the number of immigrants in Canada already reached 313,580 people. Due to those reasons, jobs in Canada for immigrants are not too difficult to find. Most immigrants are in search of a job to begin their new life in a new country before they are landing. This article will help you-immigrants- to have a brief view of Canada´s jobs, especially jobs for immigrants. 

Canada´s jobs market 

Up from the third quarter of 2018 the annual increase in employment is 2,4% and more than 19 million people are employed. Immigrants contribute a lot for Canada´s economy with a low level of unemployment. We can clearly see that there are always job opportunities for immigrants in Canada. With the new Canadian federal government, the economic growth of this country is intrinsically tied to the number of immigrants entering Canada each year. 

Jobs for immigrants

As an immigrant, you should prepare first of all the language efficiency and then the knowledge, skills or experiences you already have had for some jobs. The more skillful you are, the more chances you can get to have a job. 

Actually, jobs for immigrants in Canada are just the same as jobs for Canadians in general. I already mentioned and discussed some jobs which are in demand in 2020 Canada in the article “Finding a job in Canada as an immigrant”, you guys should check it to have a brief look at that.

Skilled immigrants’ Jobs

In this part, we will discuss more the jobs which are most suitable for skilled immigrants and it will help you to earn quite a lot to settle in Canada.

1. Cardiology technologists

As a result of the large aging population, Canada is in need of a large number of qualified cardiology technologists. You can earn from $20 to more than $40 per hour. To work as a cardiology technologist in Canada you must be registered with the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists.

2. Respiratory therapist

With the same aging problem in Canada, respiratory therapists are really high demand in 2020. Entry-level of this job for immigrants in Canada falls at the lowest end of the pay spectrum, but with five or more years of experience, pay rates to rise considerably, approximately C$23 – C$42 per hour. 

 3. Engineering – Chemical, Mining, Petroleum, Geological, and Aerospace

Canada is not only famous for aerospace but also chemical, geological and petroleum engineering. That’s why these jobs are always on the list of the Canadian Federal Government´s high-demand skilled immigrants jobs. Per hour you can earn around from C$12 to over C$50 depending on the different regions of Canada. 

4. Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics

For the most part, employment opportunities lie in nuclear and hydropower companies, mining, pulp and paper processing, industrial instrument companies, and petrochemical and natural gas companies. These positions are available throughout Canada but are focused in Alberta. The required certification to work as a Professional Technologist in Canada varies from province to province. Hourly: C$19 – C$50

5. Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologist

Audiology and speech-language pathology work include diagnosing, evaluating and treating issues related to hearing, language, speech and voice disorders. Employing immigrants for this job in a range of settings in both the public and private sectors, opportunities exist in hospitals, health centers, care facilities, rehabilitation centers and in many educational settings. About C$20.27 – C$49.44 is what you get per hour.


Overall we can see that there are a variety of jobs for immigrants in Canada. If you are thinking about getting those jobs I already mentioned, it will be supportive of your new life. However, you don’t have to try to get only these jobs and forget that, there are a lot more jobs which are even suitable for you more and you might also have a better chance to reach a higher salary if you are in your profession. A job in Canada for an immigrant isn’t to seem so difficult, is it?


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