Alberta Immigration Lawyer – How They Can Help

Alberta Immigration Lawyer – How They Can Help

December 11, 2019

Alberta is picked by hundreds of immigrants each year due to many factors like the abundance of job opportunities, high living quality, reasonable cost of living and public facility. To prepare yourself before applying to an attractive province like this, how can an Alberta immigration lawyer help you make dream comes true?

Differences between an immigration lawyer and consultant

This comes across the mind of many immigrants when deciding which service to choose. Let’s put aside service fees and find out about the difference in their service quality.

1. Educational background:

The Canada authority requires an immigration lawyer to have a 4 years college degree altogether with a law degree that would need at least 3 years to complete. Moreover, the immigration attorney must pass Canada’s legal bar admission exam in order to practice law. Therefore, we can conclude that an immigration lawyer will have qualified knowledge from long-time training in the field. 

A licensed immigration consultant must meet a minimum language requirement and graduate from an accredited immigration practitioner program which only needs 1 year of full-time to complete. 

2. Success rate:

The number is one of the most absolute proofs to prove anything. In data about the immigration lawyer, the rejected rate of all applications was 18.9%. For those who prepare their own application, the rate is 19.3%, quite high if you consider the number of more than 300,000 people applying to Canada temporary residency respectively. 18% of applications from people who used an immigration consultant were rejected, slightly lower than the self-prepared ones. In contrast, the applications prepared with help from an immigration lawyer only have 10.4% of getting refusal.

3. Expertise:

With more intense education program that makes the immigration lawyer can perform legal analysis, the client would certainly trust their advice in whether choosing the best program for themselves or represent them to communicate with the government. Not all the application is clean and clear so the lawyer would need to rely on the experience of handling various cases before to identify any risks. 

Moreover, the immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association provides members with ongoing education, resources and information to maintain their skills. This enables immigration lawyers to be aware of current and proposed immigration law changes so that their clients have the most reliable information available. This would be especially helpful if you have not decided which programs to choose, an Alberta immigration lawyer can inform you about potential upcoming changes from the province’s government.

Applying with an Alberta immigration lawyer

The Alberta immigration lawyer must be a member of the Law Society of Alberta so you can use the website of the society to find an immigration lawyer. Afterward, you can search online since most of the Alberta immigration lawyer will have a website to legally promote their service. Check whether the lawyer is authorized or not because if you use service from an unauthorized lawyer, the IRCC would refuse your case.

Reference is also a good source to start with, especially if they are from a trusted acquaintance of yours or some customers who have experienced the service from the lawyer. But if you choose from reference, you should gather opinions from several people before making a decision. In case you need to check whether your immigration lawyer has been complaints before, you can use the Better Business Bureau website as a great source of information.

While meeting the lawyer, make sure you ask about their experience in business, the service, and the fee. Not all Alberta immigration lawyer is familiar with all type of streams so you must have in mind several streams that you would like to apply and then make a decision base on the analysis of the lawyer. Since the lawyer will mostly have a legal firm of their own to help execute the work, you should ask directly about will the Alberta immigration lawyer preparing your case or someone else will do that instead. By doing this, you will prevent the situation where your case is handled by an inexperienced employee and future problems

Between you and the lawyer must have a written contract that you have read carefully before signing. The contract must include all the scope of work and state the fee clearly due to mutual agreement. This basic requirement for business is actually a requirement from the IRCC as well so make sure you have a qualified service contract.


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