Alberta Immigration – Find your immigrate path to Alberta

Alberta Immigration – Find your immigrate path to Alberta

November 13, 2019

Alberta has many chances to offer people who are looking for an ideal living. You will find yourself among a diverse and friendly community with high living standards. Famous for its richness in natural resources, Alberta is acknowledged as one of the most prosperous provinces in Canada. The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is the primary supply as well as a service hub crude oil. Together with Alberta’s, Calgary, it forms a key economic corridor in the center of the province, the “ Calgary – Edmonton Corridor”. Alberta immigration program is the open gate for international immigrants to live permanently is in this prominent province.

Alberta Immigration Program Overview

Alberta’s distinguish economic program is called the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). The Alberta government is working closely with Canada’s federal government to operate the program with many open pathways for people who are seeking permanent residence in the province. The requirements will make the nominees prove that they have qualified skills, potential abilities to cover the labor shortages in Alberta and sufficient funds to settle their family living without becoming a burden to the community. You can find more in detail through this link.

Pathways for Alberta Immigration

The current active streams are designed to attract skilled employees, international students and businessmen who can improve the business landscape and contribute greatly to Alberta’s economy. There will be 3 main streams in the AINP:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

The stream is simplified to process faster and give a fairer chance to all candidate who is skilled workers and international post-graduate students. At the time you apply to the programs, you must have valid resident status and work permit to work in Canada and meet other requirements, such as occupation, educational level and more. Major changes have been made like removed the income threshold; limited the eligible post-secondary credentials to only allow those in the Alberta Opportunity Stream List of Alberta Advanced Education Approved Post-Secondary Credentials. With these changes and more in the upcoming year, the stream is creating more opportunities for the immigrants.

2. Alberta Express Entry Stream

A limited number of qualified candidates with at least 300 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System from the IRCC’s Express Entry System will be selected by the Alberta. The highly-selected candidates usually have an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta, strong social bonds and career bonds to the province, last but not least, can support Alberta’s economic development.

3. Self-Employed Farmer Stream

In this Alberta immigration’s distinctive stream, the AINP will work with the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry in the seek for individuals with managerial experience in the farming industry. With this stream, the province’s government hopes to boost its agriculture, an industry with many promising opportunities ahead. The applicant would need to demonstrate their management abilities and their financial resources to invest at least $500,000 CAD in a farming business in Alberta.

Prepare tips

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is accurate for those who target Alberta immigration so you should start with reading carefully about each stream’s eligibility to select the most suitable one for yourself because you can have only one application at a time. Remember to keep yourself updated with the newest announcement from the Alberta government for any change in the streams. Though the Alberta Immigration website would provide you instructions and necessary forms, you can seek assistance and have someone acts as your representative to make sure your application is well-prepared and you understand clearly about steps to take in the process.

For those who apply in the Federal Express Entry program, you should consider preparing the Educational Credential Assessment and taking a language assessment test to support your application. Financial sufficiency should not be taken lightly because there will be costs like processing costs (for the IRCC), translating, certifying the copies, etc. A careful application would help you save the processing time too since the AINP and IRCC may request you to submit additional documents if they find your proof is not enough or need more clarification. The processing time would be different base on a case-by-case basis but most will around 7 – 8 months



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